Mated to Her Alpha Brother


This can't be happening—there has to be another explanation. I can't bring myself to look at him again, but his scent... that spicy, sandalwood scent is messing with my head, bringing up memories I'm desperate to bury.

"Dove," his voice comes out in a raspy whisper, heavy with some emotion I can't quite figure out.

"You're my brother, for Luna's sake!" I practically shout, throwing my hand up to shield my nose, as if it could actually block out the overwhelming way his pheromone is affecting me.

"Sisters don't look at their brothers the way you're looking at me, and besides, we're not blood," he retorts, suddenly all stubborn determination in a way I've never seen before.

"You're mine, Dove. I've waited for you forever, and as much as it's torture not to pull you close, breathe your delicious scent in, taste those pretty lips of yours... but I'll hold back. I'll hold back as long as it takes. Because you're mine, you've always been mine," he says softly, his gaze searching me as if he's trying to convey something.

With one long inhale, he turns on his heel and walks away like it's no big deal, leaving me stunned and flustered by his words. And I'll be damned if I'm going to admit how hot my cheeks are right now.

"This is so messed up..." I murmur under my breath.

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DOVE “Dooove!!" An ear-splitting shriek followed by the resounding bang of my bedroom door rudely awakened me from my blissful slumber, causing me to faceplant onto the plush carpeted floor. "Gah! Get off the floor, we have so much to do, so much to prepare!" Delilah, the heartless monster who had so unceremoniously disturbed my sleep, scolded me as she looked down at my disheveled form with disdain. "What the hell, lilah.." I croaked, still groggy with sleep. "It's only 6 in the morning," I muttered, getting up with a soft groan and rubbing my throbbing forehead. "Heaven forbid we be that late! It's 4:30, way behind schedule as it is," she chastised, striding over to yank open my curtains, revealing the still pitch-dark landscape outside. "A schedule I never agreed to! The party isn't until 6 in the evening, can't I get some more sleep for another hour or two?" I pleaded, mustering my most pitiful voice and batting my eyelashes for maximum effect. But all my efforts were in vain as Delilah gave me a deadpan stare, crossing her arms unfazed. "Meanie.." I pouted, finally fully awake now, to which she nodded approvingly. "You have ten minutes to fix all..." She gestured towards me and then my entire room with a stern look on her face. "..this, before we're off to the Salon," she continued, before striding out of the room. "Impossible," I muttered to myself, feeling overwhelmed. "What was that?" She called from outside. "Nothing! It will be done in ten," I yelled back, not wanting to invite any more drama. Now, why on earth was I waking up at the ungodly hour of 4:30 am, you might ask? Well, today was supposed to be the most important day of my life - my 18th birthday, the day I would be recognized as a fully grown wolf and meet the other half of my soul. The day I would be fully embraced and welcomed by my pack as one of them, something I had been eagerly waiting for my whole life. But as important and exciting as it was, at this very moment, all I wanted to do was burrow back into the comforting embrace of my sheets. However, the thought of my best friend and soul sister Delilah waking me up again like she did a few minutes ago had me instantly wide awake and motivated. I quickly discarded my oversized top and panties and marched into my ensuite bathroom, where a refreshing shower awaited. One of the perks of being the Alpha's daughter was not having to share a bathroom with anyone. My dad was the Alpha, and my beautiful mom was his Luna. While he was as fiery as the sun, she was as gentle as the soft glow of the moon on a dark night. They loved and complemented each other more than any couple I had ever known. They were blessed with three kids - my elder brother, myself as the second child, and my sweet, adorable baby brother Levi. I didn't have high expectations for my mate, as long as he wasn't a total eyesore and had basic decency, I was good. I mean, I wasn't exactly itching to settle down so early in life, but in our pack, it's the norm to meet your mate at 18, pop out kids by 19, and keep 'em coming until you're done. It's like a pack duty or something. Not that it's all bad, though. Some people around here are all about that life, but those who aren't, well, they're free to do their thing as long as it doesn't go against pack rules. But as the Alpha's daughter, I'm expected to maintain a certain reputation, be a role model for the younger girls. It's exhausting playing that part, but hey, it has its perks sometimes. I hopped into the shower, trying to wake up and get myself together. I brushed, flossed, moisturized, and got dressed. I stared at my unruly hair in the mirror, wondering how to tame it. Just as I was about to grab my brush, a pleasant scent caught my attention. I sniffed around, trying to track it down, but it seemed to have disappeared. Bummer. I gave up on my hair and decided to hide it under a black beanie. It wasn't worth shedding tears over this early in the morning. "Done, I think," I twirled in front of the mirror, checking out my outfit. It was just denim shorts, a cute top, a beanie, and a few accessories. The door banged open for the second time that morning, and in walked a frazzled Delilah. "What are you wearing? You know what, forget I asked. We're late! Let's get going!" she wrinkled her nose at my outfit choice, waved me off, and dragged me out of my room. "Well, a woman's gotta eat at least," I retorted, struggling to put on my shoes as we hurried along. "We'll eat when we get there," she said with a small smile. It was the first one I had seen all day, and it instantly lifted my mood. Delilah was a beauty beyond words. She was taller than me, with pale skin that looked almost otherworldly, electric blue eyes, and blonde hair that was almost white and cut just a few inches above her shoulders. If you didn't know she was a full-blooded werewolf, you'd think she was a Fae princess or a siren. And she rarely smiled, so when she did, it was breathtaking. "Oh, and happy birthday, dove. Can't wait for tonight," she said lightly, stopping to pull me into a warm hug, enveloping me in her unique scent. "Thanks, lilah. Now let's get moving. I know how much you hate being late," I laughed, pulling her along down the long, seemingly endless corridor. Most of the pack lived in a massive castle that housed hundreds of wolves, including young pups, teenagers, widowed mothers with kids, orphans, and elderly wolves. And, of course, the Alpha and his family, as well as the Beta and his family. The rest of the pack, including warriors and workers, lived in their own settlements surrounding the pack house. Delilah was the Beta's eldest daughter, so it was no surprise that we became friends from the very start. Our families had always been close. Only a few wolves were awake at this time, mostly the workers who were already busy cleaning and preparing for tonight's events. They greeted and congratulated me as we made our way out. As I sauntered into the main living room downstairs, I caught a glimpse of my graceful mother, Marmee, sitting by the window chair with a book in hand, basking in the soft glow of the lamp. I could tell she had been up for a while because only my beautiful maa would be reading at this ungodly hour. But as I approached her, my heart sank at the thought of the toll that the little bundle of joy growing inside her might be taking on her sleep schedule. "Marmee," I whispered as I reached her, and she looked up with a serene smile that melted my heart. I gave her a tight hug and breathed in her lavender scent, feeling a sense of comfort wash over me. As if she could read my thoughts, she pulled away and looked deep into my eyes, her thin lips stretching into a small smile. "Happy birthday, my precious baby!" she exclaimed. "Words can't express how proud I am to witness my baby grow into such a beautiful and outstanding woman. I love you so much, my love. And I'm sure you'd make a perfect mate to any man lucky enough to have you. The Luna goddess has never chosen wrongly, follow your instincts dove, she'll guide you through it all and never lead you to harm." I felt my eyes filling with tears at her words, dreading the moment I would meet my mate tonight, knowing that if he wasn’t from the pack, it would mean separation from my beloved family and pack. But before I could dwell on it further, Delilah interrupted our moment with a humorous cough. "Ehem, hate to intrude, but we're on a bit of a schedule here." Marmee smiled and gave me a kiss on the forehead. "Go darling. Have fun in the Salon," she said, as I pulled away with a heavy heart. But I knew that I had to embrace this new chapter of my life and make the most of it. With a grin, I allowed Delilah to drag me to the salon, bracing myself for the arduous and time-consuming process of a makeover. But hey, it's my birthday, and I deserve to be pampered like the princess I am. It's going to be a long day, but with my friends and family by my side, I know that it's going to be a day full of laughter and love.

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