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“Learning, and at times re-learning, resilience is a me vs me battle. For me to seek it with or without support feels noble and brave. I can relish my achievements regardless of how small they may appear from the outside. Yet to have it either imposed or expected feels cruel, cold-hearted and damages my sense of self-worth. Resilience, I believe, is an inside job. It is for others to support and encourage, to lead by example and speak of their well-earned wisdom - wise role models are great. Yet after that, we have to learn how to pick ourselves up and go onward with all good speed, and an environment of kindness as the usual ether gives the best chance of success.” 2021-DECEMBER-FLORIDA Even though it seriously sucked to admit it, Ace doubted there was anything he could say that would possibly calm Adeline down, or make him see some sort of point that it was not going to do her any good to have a complete breakdown in the middle of Central Park. But Adeline already knew somewhere in the back of her mind that everything was interconnected in some or another way, and something worse happened was clear from the fact that her entire family was dead. Also, Ace did not talk about himself or what was going on with him at all, so she decided then and there that she was going to just sit back and let him vent about anything he needed to. “So, we are related…” Adeline muttered, taking a deep breath. “The hell we are Adeline Martinez, you’re my sister.” He answered in a steely voice. “Rose Martinez was my aunt, and Jack Martinez was my uncle. They were a happily married couple, but her obsession with the time portals and Robert’s greed took away every happiness that would’ve been yours. Your grandfather, James Martinez, warned them not to execute the plan they had formulated, he knew the risk. Even Rose understood the risk at the end, but by that time Jack was completely in Robert’s control, he brainwashed Jack and rest you know the result.” Wow! What an asshole! Adeline remained silent for a moment, her hands clasped together tightly on her lap. She felt awful that she was listening to Ace speak with sick fascination, but she was not so sure if she even to hear anything else about what had happened with him. And his mother Talia? She really wanted to cry her eyes out and hug Ace as close as possible at the same time wanted. Both of those things would probably get her more trouble than she would ever ask for. “But what is Arche doing in the midst of this drama? Is he a big guy or something?” Adeline asked slowly. Ace nodded, continuing his frantic pacing. “For that, you need to go way more back in the past….. In short, three influential families with three important antique things, leading to the opening of time portals have come up together and boom…. here they opened the portal and now are facing the after-effects.” Okay, wait- what?! Did Adeline hear it correctly? What the hell is all of this! “Say it again.” Said Adeline with conviction.
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