1927: Redemption

female lead
realistic earth

Do secrets come out easily?

After the mysterious and sudden death of James Martinez, a young girl is thrown into the sea of promises and dark secrets, an unknown time where the danger trailed behind her. The time called ‘Roaring Twenties’, a decade of contrasts, when the empires were ruled by human’s conspiracy, betrayal, and hate.

With a task at hand, Adeline Martinez, a traveler, looking for a way back to her world, will she survive her twisted fate when there is a handsome beast involved and not to forget the danger that followed behind.

What will cross her path in the meantime? Hardship? Secrets? Crime? Betrayal? And perhaps…love?

All secrets become deep, all secrets become dark, let’s join the journey of Adeline’s secrets

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The atmosphere in the bar shifted as closing time drew near. The remnants of the night—empty glasses, discarded bottles, and the fading echoes of Akcent's "Feelings on Fire"—set a somber tone. Adeline Rose Martinez, an eighteen-year-old with an air of optimism, diligently counted bills at the register, wrapping up her part-time shift. "Tonight was a gold mine. Seems like all of London decided to make an appearance," remarked Nina, the fellow bartender, touching up her eyeliner in the bar's mirror. "Never underestimate the pull of cheap booze and a fresh graduate behind the bar." Adeline, seeing through Nina's flattery, rolled her eyes. "Spare me, Nina. I was covering for you." Nina turned to face Adeline, widening her eyes theatrically. "Seriously, Addy. You need to expand your horizons. Four guys were practically throwing themselves at you." "Two, and one was practically unconscious. The other was kind of sweet, though, helping out," Adeline replied, recalling the events of the night. "Fair enough. So, any plans for Christmas?" Adeline put the pen away, looking at Nina. "Thinking of spending Christmas at the country house with some friends." Nina's phone rang, and she dismissed the call with a knowing look. Apologizing to Adeline, she said, "You sure you don't mind?" Adeline laughed. "Go on. We've already discussed it. Don't want your fiancé getting any ideas, right?" Nina enveloped Adeline in a tight hug. "You're the best! If I ever need a stand-in, you're the one I'm hiring." Grabbing a beer for Mike, her fiancé, Nina rushed out. "Enjoy!" Adeline called after her, shaking her head, before starting to clean up the mess left behind. An hour later, Adeline turned off the lights and music, plunging the bar into darkness. Grabbing two trash bags, she headed towards the dumpster, an unsettling feeling growing within her. The night was too quiet, not to her liking. As she tossed the trash, a rustling sound in the shadows startled her. She shook it off, hurrying towards her home. The chilly night air bit at her as she quickened her pace. The cold night air wrapped around Adeline as she approached her home, the familiar path now eerily silent. A subtle sense of unease pricked at the back of her neck. Adrenaline coursed through her veins, sharpening her senses. As she fumbled for her keys, a faint rustle made her pause. Before she could turn around, a shadow materialized from the darkness, and a masked figure emerged, swiftly closing the distance. Panic seized Adeline as a strong grip clamped over her mouth, muffling any attempt to scream. The masked assailant's presence loomed, ominous and threatening. "Don't make a sound, sweetheart. Your money and valuables, now," the masked figure demanded, the tone cold and threatening. Fear surged through Adeline as she grappled against the forceful restraint, her heart pounding in her chest. The assailant's intentions were clear, and desperation fueled her struggle against the imminent danger. "What do you have for me, pretty lady?" the assailant sneered, his masked face giving nothing away. Just as despair threatened to engulf her, a sudden blur of movement disrupted the night. In a cinematic twist, a mysterious figure, wearing a sleek mask, agilely emerged from the shadows. With swift and practiced precision, he scooped Adeline up with one hand, effortlessly lifting her from the ground, and pushed her safely behind him. "Easy there, sweetheart. I've got you," the masked hero assured, his voice carrying a calm yet authoritative tone, as if plucked from a classic action movie. Adeline, breathless and bewildered, managed to stammer, "Who are you?" The hero, still holding Adeline protectively, responded with a confident yet mysterious tone, "Just a guardian angel passing through. You'll be safe now." The masked assailant, caught off guard by the unexpected heroics, stepped back, startled. "Who the hell are you?" he demanded, a note of uncertainty in his voice. The hero, ignoring the question, warned the assailant, "You're outmatched, friend. Walk away." Ensuring Adeline was safely shielded behind him, the mysterious figure faced the assailant with a steady gaze. "You heard him, scram," he urged. The assailant, realizing he was overpowered, retreated into the shadows. The hero turned to Adeline, their eyes meeting through the mask. "Are you alright?" he asked, his voice gentle. Adeline, still processing the surreal events, nodded, whispering, "Thank you." Before she could comprehend the situation fully, a wave of exhaustion swept over her. The hero, sensing her weakness, caught her as she slumped in his arms. "Hold on, we're not done yet," he said, his voice a soothing reassurance. As Adeline passed out in his arms, the mysterious savior carried her with a protective tenderness.

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