The Journey to 1927

318 Words
Dear Adeline; My research does not end here, the stories of Man from Taured, Vanishing Road and the one I'll be sharing with you right now was enough for me to believe that there were certain portals hidden inside our earth's atmospheric folds that I needed to discover and from here my research of portals commenced..... In November 1986, a man named Pedro Oliva Ramirez was driving from Seville to a town called Alcalá de Guadaíra, when he went around a curve and allegedly found himself on a six-lane highway. He continued driving down this straight road, seeing unfamiliar things like 20-story housing units, unidentified structures, and grass about 2 feet high along the edge of the road. Shortly thereafter, he felt a hot sensation within his vehicle and heard distant voices, one of which stood out, informing him that he’d been transferred to another country in a different hemisphere. He continued driving on the highway for an hour, then stopped to examine the unfamiliar roadside area. After getting back in his car and continuing his drive, he spotted a sign pointing in three different directions. One was labelled “Malaga,” the other was “Sevilla,” and the last was “Alcabala.” Pedro took the “Sevilla” detour, and without fully knowing why, he stopped driving. When he looked to his left, he was standing outside of his home in Alcalá de Guadaíra. Frustrated and confused, he tried to retrace his steps, but could never find the crossroads, or the triple road sign. You might be thinking why was I so intended to find the portals. Right I know, how curious and impatient you could be sometimes... Well, the portals which I would eventually find will work as the hiding place of three important things that you would need in commencing the journey of your life. “The Journey to 1927” -Your Jammy
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