Who are you, stranger?

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“One can only vanish after the pain of being isolated is fully numb, in seriousness, for any person, this is a heavy price and one that makes empathic brain functioning more challenging. If you go that route, be sure as to why and what you hope to achieve from it.” 2021-DECEMBER-FLORIDA Stepping out of the bathroom, Adeline was all set to retire for the night after an exhausting quarrel with him, the beast. But, as if luck was not on her side, she missed the mat with her foot and slid forward. A Yelp of surprise came from her lips as she knocked into the table that had been placed beside the bathroom's door. And, the knee wound that she tried to aid had opened up and started bleeding again. “Shit.” She mumbled, walking forward to grab the first-aid kit. Sucking in a sharp breath as her knee started hurting badly. Adeline groaned. “Oh come on.” Her blood began seeping onto the white floor as she staggered. She nearly fell over when her bedroom door was broken down. An aggressive and sexy looking beast pounced into her room. He was leaned down in a crouch while his gold-flecked eyes scanned the room. Once he caught sight of her, his eyes flitted from her to the blood and finally her wound. The realisation came across his dark eyes as the golden flecks seemed to dissipate. Even with the throbbing pain in her bleeding knee, Adeline noticed how delectable he looked. He must have been ready to fall asleep as he was wearing a black tank top and loose Nike shorts and well, she wondered where exactly he was used to sleeping and got clothes. Unfortunately, his mask was still in place, his hair was even more tousled from before. Adeline was having difficulty holding herself up, she was standing on one foot, with one hand clutching the side of the table. He approached her and she shivered when his hands came under her armpits. As she was a giant child, he lifted her and set her down on the table. The place where he touched her feet was warm and flushed. He turned and made his way toward the bathroom for something. After twenty seconds, he returned with a first-aid kit in his hands and came over to her. Holding the thoughts of self-sufficiency, Adeline tried to stand, and his hand shot out and pushed her shoulder down. “Sit.” His deep voice commanded, leaving no room for arguments but negotiations. Adeline grumbled, trying to take the first aid kit from him, “I can do it myself, and if you really want to help, you have to answer my questions otherwise not.” She glared when he smacked her hand away, his forest greens locked on her own. Sitting quietly, she saw him pulling out a couple of things from the first aid kit. His dark eyes met hers and captivated Adeline. She would have sworn there were flecks of other Colors within his eyes, but she was not close enough to tell. Before he could proceed, she held his wrist and asked again, “Will you answer my questions?” After a few seconds, he replied, “Okay.” Followed by a squeak of surprise left her lips as he pulled some remains of wood from her knee. His eyes had not left her own the entire time. Adeline sucked in a sharp breath as he poured some alcohol over the cut, it definitely looked worse than she had thought. The cut was much deeper and would be a pain in the ass to walk or bend her knee. Lights were low, everything was quiet. Adeline watched him doctor her knee, gently covering it with gauze. He applied a last piece of tape, and Adeline felt safe with him around, she could not fathom him actually hurting her. The few times he actually touched her were light knots gentle except the night he gave her the diary and tonight when he pulled her. She tried not to wince as he wrapped the last piece of tape around her knee. He immediately looked at her and complete warmth spread through her as his dark eyes trailed down her body slowly. His eyes left a trail of heat on her skin, once he reached her new his eyes closed. Once they reopened, his eyes were locked on her face again. The only difference was his eyes had large flecks of gold swirling within them. His eyes remained emotionless, that small slicker of something hidden deep within them. For the second time, she got lost in the golden flecks in his piercing gaze and feeling of being connected to him in some twisted way that she had to know and she asked: “Who are you, stranger?” Will he tell her the truth? Will Adeline finally know the truth? Who is he by the way?
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