To Miami!

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“There is a natural time for a bird to leave a nest, and this is healthy and right. Leaving can be part of loving, of showing that you are strong enough to do what you've been raised to do. As such, our loving bonds are ever there, ever strong, ever tangible.” 21 DECEMBER 2021- MIAMI, FLORIDA Sighing heavily, Adeline slouched forward, resting her arms on her knees as she held her head in her hands. Everything she thought she knew about life was being tossed in the air and scattered about making no sense whatsoever. From what she had learned from the letters, it was like the reason for her birth was a loophole in the future to rectify the mistakes of the past. It was when the cab driver was coming to a screeching halt outside the Bob Sikes Airport, located near Crestview, Florida. The halt made Adeline make a sudden decision. Ace had told her that she needed to help her father Jack Martinez and stop him from doing something completely awful and horrible. Help was a vague term, it could mean a lot of things. But as she sprinted her way into the airport premises, at this early hour the airport was as serene as it ever was. The people moved with ease, quiet rivers of humanity freshly roused from their slumber. The floors were clean and white, reflecting the early rays and the manmade light the same. The airport was a cocoon of steel, the walls so elegantly curved and wrapping around to create this inner space. And the beams supported so many windows, let in so much light, that in the early morning it is as bright as any summer's day. She arrived at an early hour when the people did not move as chaotic rainbows, so brilliant with the colours. They flowed from the check-in desks to the cafes and through the gates, each one of them heading for a destination of their own making. After completing the security and basic checking, she ran towards the boarding gate through the boarding passage where passengers board the aeroplane with an accommodation ladder without using a boarding bridge. Where you need to be out of the boarding gate, proceed along the path and go up the accommodation ladder to board the plane. After half an hour, she was seated on her seat and before turning on the aeroplane mode, she found Ace’s text, saying: “I’m also coming, I’ll not leave you alone in this battle Martinez, you are my responsibility and family for f**k sake!!” Yeah, that was a typical Ace’s reply and it made Adeline smile a little, but for him, it would take a little time to know where she was going. Not that he could not find out, but let us see. Adeline made herself promise that she would do everything in her power to actually turn these events in her favour. Because even if she somehow managed to make it through these three locations with all the necessary items at her hand. But, the real problem was not getting the things, it was to reach the hidden portal in London. Just because ex-WIC members were not restricting her movements right now, just because they were temporarily away did not mean that they were going to completely disappear and make everything better. No, she was going to have to do this- for lack of a better word- head on! There was no doubt in her mind that she could not do this alone the only problem was that even she somehow got all the three necessary things and made her way through the time portal then who the hell was going to believe that she was thrown back in time and was on a hunt for the most controversial figure in the history. It was like creating a Death Valley on one side and a grave on the other. The only person she could use to help her to help her father was her father himself. And clearly, that was going to be a roller coaster in itself. Glancing down at the first letter in her grip that was folded in a perfect rectangle shape had the very directions that she was going to follow at the first location to accomplish her first task. Three days was all she had to do this. Adeline seriously hoped she was going to be able to do this. Because she did not want to think about what would happen if she failed. Failure was not a choice for her, anyway. From the window of the plane, the wing engine was semi illuminated, the lower half was shining around the rim, the upper half several shades darker. As the plane dipped the line between shadow and light moved, and all the while Adeline listened to the hum of the rotors. Moving forward slowly, the flight took off and her one and half an hour journey to Miami started. Adeline relaxed in her seat as she glanced outside the window seeing the clouds moving constantly, flowing as sheets hundreds of feet apart, yet giving the appearance of one layer below. Breathing out heavily, Adeline opened the letter which was titled as ‘To Miami’, as it said: . . . Dear Addy, Here comes your first task, but before knowing that, you need to know what you need to do and why you need to do that. Yes, until now you must have understood that you’ll be travelling back in time. As per your father and mother’s diaries; Jack did research on time portals whereas Rose found out about the ancient hidden portal in London. And, that became the centre of WIC Company, made by your father- Jack, Archer, and Kevin. I’m sure by now you must be eye to eye with the tangled truth of Martinez’s, Jonathan’s, and Lewis’ families. Our ancestors had been related to each other for quite a few decades, many antiques had been circulated between our families, some had been stolen, some had been destroyed, and some had been kept out of sight. After world war 2, these families decided to keep some antiques in their families hidden from aliens. But, the most important thing to return back in time had been with Johnathans’ and Martinez’s family. I’ll tell you about those things in another letter. But, for now, returning to your first task: Get the photograph from the Miami portal. Yes, then on 21 December 2021, board the flight from Crestview to Florida. There you have to travel to Castellow Hammock Preserve & Nature Center which is a tropical hardwood forest and nature preserve nestled in South Dade’s Redland area, with a half-mile hiking trail. This area is considered Miami’s heartland, where farmers grow and cultivate acres of citrus, strawberries, tomatoes, honey and palms. Just an hour’s drive from Downtown Miami, it’s a true departure from the hustle and bustle of the city. You’ll find yourself on long country roads beneath wide-open blue skies, surrounded by flat green fields and towering palm trees. There try to find the passage of mahogany trees, which will ultimately lead you to a portal. Keep it in your mind, the path is very tough, quite horrific, but if you’ll keep the aim in your mind, you shall win the task. Coming to why you need to get the photograph. Well, the photo is of none other than Issac Sylvester, the most controversial figure of all time. Till now you had just known his name, when you accomplish this task, you would know what he looked like. And, mind you, that is the only photo available of him, so be very careful, you cannot enter 1930 without knowing what he had looked like, because that will be a total disaster. He fooled an entire state, it won’t be easy to fool you, my sweet girl. All the very best Adeline Martinez. I wish you all the luck. -Grandpa James. . . . If someone would have asked Adeline, how are you? She would have said- ‘Well, I haven't had my morning coffee yet and no one has gotten hurt, so I'd say so far, so good.’ Because that was what she was feeling right now as she folded the letter back, mumbling, “Thanks for the heads up grandpa.” Her journey was to the end as the landing moment was near, the captain announced to tie their seat belts and all the weather formalities. During landing, it was like when you’re on a roller coaster and it stops really fast. You almost have to brace yourself on the seat in front. Landings could be fairly gentle to surprisingly rough, it’s all normal and the rougher landings can be intentional. Landing is less harsh than a speed bump, but the plane will hit the ground and will wallow and judder a bit when it brakes on the runway. After landing in Miami, claiming her baggage, Adeline immediately left the airport premises to find a cab to her task location. While waiting for a cab, she stood five feet six in leather boots, blue washed denim, a white tank top with a dark brown leather jacket, a scarf around her neck with long wavy brown curls falling behind her back. A nice pair of sunglasses and she looked like a complete tourist package with a duffel bag in her hand. Shooting a heartwarming smirk, she stood to seek a cab, thinking, “This looks better be good.” A cab stopped by her, she was about to get in, when a tap of hand on her shoulder made her turn around, her eyes widened in surprise and shock, no difference between both the emotions, she stood tongue-tied whereas the person greeting her, said: “Missed me?” Well, who is this surprise entry? Why does Adeline look shocked? Will she be able to accomplish her first task? Let's see!
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