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“It has been said, 'time heals all wounds.' I do not agree. The wounds remain. In time, the mind, protecting its sanity, covers them with scar tissue and the pain lessens. But it is never gone.” 2021-DECEMBER-FLORIDA There was a shock that came so quickly and strike so deep that the blow was internalised even before then skin felt it. The strike must first reach bone marrow, then ascend slowly to the brain where the slowpoke intellect recorded the deed. The shock was written on Adeline’s face as instantly, at that point itself, Adeline threw the whole content out of her mouth as she choked on her juice. William came forward, but she held her hand in front and tried to calm herself down. Her eyes became watery as it took her a few seconds to calm herself down. Looking at him, she exclaimed with one hand on her chest, “WHAT?!” William stepped forward across the counter toward her, he grabbed her by the for-arms delicately. “Those rumours of the 1920s were true but partially.” “Meaning, werewolves are real.” Asked Adeline tentatively. Chuckling a little, “No.” He said, taking her towards the couch where he asked her to sit as he sat on the armchair, just like last night. “Tell me everything.” Said Adeline, moving a little closer to his side. “There was an ancient clan, Salvadors, they always lived in the forest, meaning a new attack on them every day from wild animals. So, they developed a serum to cure their people whenever they got attacked. But, all I know is that serum changed their DNA. It heightened their reflexes, their senses, it made them stronger, faster, better. But, something went strong…” William told her about the village decimated by what looked like a wild animal attack; empty streets, shreds of clothing streaked with blood blew in the WIND. “They could not be stopped.” Said, William. Adeline did not know what to say as she let him continue. “Nobles gave orders to eradicate all the Salvadors on the site.” “But, few survived?” Asked Adeline. His eyes flickered at her, a thought of her being inheriting her father’s genius mind crossed William’s mind, nodding, he said, “Yes. Few survived, they achieved control on their instincts and lived in between the normal humans.” “So, Salvadors are your ancestors?” Adeline questioned the obvious. Nodding, “Yes.” “But that-” Cutting her off in between, “I’m coming on that.” Said William and Adeline shut her mouth. “Your mother did a profound research on us, by the time she was studying the werewolves, your father was studying about the time-portals. Though they both were doing their research in different areas, the one who was influencing them was the same person.” The gears in her mind turned as she remembered Ace’s words, mumbling, “Robert Wyatt Jonathan.” “The true founder and owner of WIC company.” That was the new piece of information and Adeline was having a hard time digesting these words, “How do you know?” Leaning forward, he squinted his eyes, asking, “What do you think I've been doing for the last twenty-one years?” “Twenty-one?” Ignoring her question, “In short, all of them wanted to use our DNA for something. Your father, somehow, with the help of your mother found an ancient time-portal situated in London, and Jack travelled back in time to 1929. It took him one year to find us, one night he was drawing my blood in a syringe when I was asleep- I didn’t even know what it was called at that time- I chased after him…. I was about to outrun him when he jumped in the portal, along with me.” “For a few weeks, I was devastated, I could not even make sense of anything that was present in there. One day, I happened to read a newspaper, and when I saw the date-” Adeline looked at his eyes, the pain that was present in his eyes was indescribable, it pained her to listen to him, but she did it anyway. “It was July 1999. Sixty-nine years ahead of my time. I frantically searched for your father for almost a year. But, I found him,” William abruptly stopped in between as he was going to reveal the feelings that he felt when he first saw her. Clearing his throat, “When I found him, your mother was dead and Jack died too in a few hours. You might be a day or two old.” Tears gathered in her eyes, as Adeline asked, “H-How…. W-why…?” Adeline was unable to make a sentence, but he knew what she was trying to ask. “He might have injected himself with my DNA… and you know, I think he impregnated your mother after injecting himself. They both died because my DNA was poison to their bodies. But somehow-” “I survived.” Completed Adeline for him to which he nodded. “Wait,” she spoke as if trying to understand something, “Archer wanted my DNA, no! He didn’t want my DNA, he wanted yours because he knows. He knows, I’m the carrier of your DNA, right?” “You’ve got your father’s mind.” Commented William, leaning back on his seat. Giving him a look, Adeline wiped the tears under her eye, “That’s the reason Ace wants me to stop my father from going back in time.” “Yes.” William nodded, “But, your grandfather had a different vision for you.” “What?” She asked, curiously. Standing up from his seat, “I’ve told you enough. Read the letters left by your grandfather. I know you hate reading.” He muttered the last part to himself and left her sitting on the couch. “Hey! Where are you going?” Yelled Adeline, but he left the secret condo. Well, the information she received blew her mind off, as Adeline kept sitting on the couch thinking over the words he said to her, and contemplating her next step….. What will Adeline do next? What will William do? Will he be by her side forever?
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