Privilege And Loss

390 Words
While Adeline was on her way to get her hands upon the photograph, a rather someone had his eyes upon her all the time… In these past years, to pass the time, he wrote something… or rather he wrote for someone. After getting his brain worked up from seeing the mental health of people around himself, he understood that people haven’t understood the concept of living in luxury with all privileges, and coping with the loss. So, what are privilege and loss? Privilege and advantage are the same things. Yet often we miss how they are formed from many small benefits that accumulate into a large success. It is no coincidence that the brain develops in layers of neurons rather than by singular events, much the same way a house can be built of rows of bricks, hence it takes time to build a true sense of love and trust. Solid learning takes time and a steady, reliable environment. All of these ideas (privilege, success, trust, love and learning) are related because it is how we are wired. Hence in our world money brings the biggest privilege because it buys us the best environment; it is a chance to live in a pocket of plenty - plenty of love, food, water, shelter, family and such. And so the only true way to succeed as a person of privilege, as a person with the advantage of money, is to dedicate yourself to making this a world where everyone has their needs met, where everyone lives well and the "pocket of plenty" is expanded to include all. Having a good environment to thrive in should never be restricted by "pyramid scheme" ideologies" that suppress the advances the masses need. But, what about loss? Well, there are better and worse versions of loss. We are aiming for the better version because then we have the strongest base possible for rebuilding. That is our victory, it is the only one on the table, and it is a painful, sad and desperately awful form of success. Society can fall a hundred stories, seventy, thirty... whatever happens, however much we win, it will be measured in how much more we could have lost than we did. I'm sorry the news is that bleak. But, there you go. What would you choose? ~ Her Beast
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