Adeline Rose Martinez

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“Just because something isn’t happening for you right now, doesn’t mean it will never happen.” 2000-JULY-NIGHT LONDON It had been a year since he travelled to this time. A year it took for him to realize that he was no longer in 1930, it was freaking 21st century nothing was similar here to his time. But something happened last night, for days and months, he had been searching for the traitor who lured him here in this hell but had no sense of direction to find that traitor, at one hand it was hard for him to keep his beast inside and at another finding a way back to his home, his people, and his time. However, last night, a connection was formed in his heart, like a flame was ignited in his soul. His beast was trying its best to get a hold in its control, but he couldn’t allow it in the midst of hundreds of humans. At night, when the entire sky was drowned in the darkness, he unleashed his beast, running nowhere but to drain the sudden rush of adrenaline and wave off the itching in his body; but did it go away? No! It didn’t, instead, it increased, second by second, moment by moment. And suddenly, his nostrils caught a sent, the tug in his heart increased. At that point in time he had no control over his body and his mind, he just ran and ran until he found the source of his unrest. Running for several miles, his feats halted. From the clearing of the woods, a house came into his sight. Taking in the surroundings, he sniffed numerous scents and emotions whirling in the area. Out of all the scents, one was prominent. It’s somewhat reminded him of his scent- just a touch of honey. His heart was racing and his entire body was shaking uncontrollably. What the hell was happening? In the freezing winters, he was sweating vigorously. Shaking his head to clear all the sentiments, he strolled ahead and he was entirely sure his gaze was golden and they couldn’t vouch to his original until he got back the control of himself. Nearing a house, that was in the middle of someplace, the itching in his body deliberately intensified as his hands were trembling and his sanity was instructing to rip somebody apart. Reaching the window to a certain room, his eyes captured the sight of three individuals. Several emotions were dominant in the air; it prevailed joy, grief, life, and death. A man was obstructing the view of someone who was relaxing on a chair. Moving his eyes to a woman resting on the bed, I instantly comprehended she was just a corpse, and instantly a question popped into my mind that: Did they kill her? “Dad-” This voice, he heard this voice before. His thoughts were so clouded that he wasn’t able to concentrate on the existing sight here in the room. Gathering his attention, he overheard the conversation curiously. “I committed a huge mistake, Dad. And, I-I’m so sorry for whatever happened.” Said the same voice. “I warned you, son,” taking a deep breath, “I warned you again and again, and now see how our family is paying for your misdeeds. Rose is dead and you are going to die soon!” The man who was blocking the view earlier dropped to the chair behind him and the man on the chair became visible. The beast’s eyes dilated and the resentment surged through his veins. The man sitting on the chair was none other than the traitor who carved his life into a living misery. Jack Martinez! Before the beast responded on the instinct, Jack spoke out again: “I know Dad, and I'm miserable for what I did. I have got very little time and-” Jack was cut-off by the sound of weeping. The old man was upon his feet as he stepped out of the room to somewhere, in less than ten seconds he entered the room again, and when the beast’s eyes got the sight of Jack’s father; his breathing, his heart, and his surrounding-everything came to be still. Only the sound of two-heart beats resonating in harmony had his focus. Her eyes were closed, tears stained her face and she was little, very-very little, might be a day old. In the embrace of Jack’s father, she had stopped sobbing. And his body was back in control, again. Well, who was she? The train of his thoughts was interrupted by Jack again, “Is she asleep again?” He asked, slowly extending his hands to take a hold of her. “I guess so.” Jack’s father said, handing over the little girl to him. Touching her face, Jack said, “They will come for her, Dad. If somebody deciphers my theory, they will know she is the only link.” Looking up to his father, “You have to got to keep her safe. Away from all of this, the company is still working on the portals, you have to stop them.” Jack's father sat beside him, assuring him, “Don’t worry son, I know what I'm supposed to do.” His throat sounded a little choked up because of his heavy heart. Smiling a little, Jack’s eyes found his daughter cuddling in his embrace. “What do we call her?” Jack asked. Chuckling, the old man leaned back into his chair saying, “She’s your daughter, your name her.” Thinking for a moment, Jack kissed her forehead, saying, “She’s our family’s legacy, to carry it forward, I name her Adeline Rose Martinez.” “Her grandmother and mother’s name.......” Murmured the old man. Jack nodded, he parted his lips to say something, and his throat crooked. The old man immediately took Adeline away, asking, “What is happening to you?!” His son started coughing out the blood, saying in between, “I-I think i-it’s time.” Breathing in hard, “k-keep other safe, D-Day. She's the-” Before Jack could complete, blood seeped out of his eyes, nostrils, mouth and ears. He fell on the floor and it was the last breath he took on, his eyes were fixated on his daughter and a small smile grazed on his lips when the light of life left his eyes. In that time, the little girl opened her eyes to look at her grand who turned her face from the heartbreaking scene towards the window, siding to the beast. Her frame was so small, she was just a day old, but the moment their eyes met, the beast thought her eyes brightened. Several thoughts swirled in her mind, regarding the girl, and the prominent ones were: Who was this little girl? Who will come for her? Is her life in danger? And the most import- What is the connection between them? Since the only person who could have sent him back was dead, then: How will he go back to his time, to 1930? Is he trapped in here forever?
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