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“Once we were strangers exchanging glances, then lovers before newlyweds. In a few short years we held our first child and became a family. We brought two more angels into the world, new people to love and cherish - three blessings to carry us forward in life. From then on we had a new role, to be stable and loving, to provide the platform from which they would spring - one day leaving us with an "empty nest." Now that times have come closer, our children are tall and strong. But since we did it right they won't really leave our lives but stay close. Next is old age, grandchildren and time to slow our lives down to a pace where we can notice the little things, truly enjoy what each new day brings.” 2021-DECEMBER-FLORIDA Dear Addy; Time travel is nothing like it is in science fiction. There are no swirling lights or tunnels, just a pain like you're being squeezed through something too small for your body. It feels like every bone is being pulverized, every living tissue feels shredded. Then you wake up naked, or else your clothes have become fused with your dermis and you have to wait until they are pushed up into the epidermis before peeling them off. At first you can't remember a thing, not who you are, not why you are there and certainly not where in the time continuum you are from or currently in. On that day before your memory returns anything can happen, we learned that the hard way. Now each traveller is loaded with a knock-out serum so that the amnesia phase has passed by the time they are conscious. So long as we don't accidentally send them to a dangerous environment everything generally works out alright. Of course there are the exceptions.... When Jack went back, his world was dark, gritty and twisted, and he was a monster in it. His quest for power had taken him to the dark corners of the world which were better left unexplored. He couldn’t remember the number of people he had killed and it hardly mattered as no one had what it takes to kill him now. He traveled in time to take care of one final matter, he walked to the man for whom he went back in time. He returned to present and fell on his knees as the blood poured out of his chest and struck the ground. The world he lived in was indeed twisted as there was a thirty second delay in time travel. He coughed up blood as he thought to himself how true his final words were: no one had what it takes to kill him, no one but him! In his final moments as he laid on the ground drenched in his own blood, he couldn’t help but think how all of this was a little poetic as he was the only person who was responsible for ruining his life….. and ours. ~Jammy
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