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“Every action of our lives touches on some chord that will vibrate in eternity.” 2021-DECEMBER-FLORIDA Sitting in the secret condo in her room at her home in Crestview, Florida; Adeline opened the first entry of Jack’s diary which she got from the stranger five years back. It was the time now to accumulate every piece of information related to time portals and thread everything one by one because even a single mistake could be disastrous, even it could cost her a life, of course, hers. Jack wrote: 1997, July. The professor said, "At one time we could not imagine light to act as both wave and matter, nor that matter and energy were the same things. Now we see that time is not a continuum but another energy transformation, and it is part of what brings the sense of distance and space in our reality. For now, perhaps think of time as a ball of light, a buzz of energy that we call 'the present.' As such, there really is no past or future, only 'right now.' Yet what we do with this gift of 'the now' determines the health of our planet in all the moments to come. So, there is a separation to make here. We have what time really is, a ball of energy, and our human concept of it being a continuum from past to future. What I propose is that for our purposes as scientists and researchers rather than those speaking in the everyday sense, that we use energy-time and imagined-timeline. Giving concepts new words is helpful to the human brain when building new ideas. What was once considered one thing, becomes two, and so it goes on. This is learning, this is progress." “If we can assume a timeline, why can't we travel into different timelines,” a question arose in Jack’s mind. . . . Adeline closed the diary and put it back in the safe, the analogy which he wrote years ago never made any sense to her. But, she did know the way to do what she was meant to. It was already forty-five minutes past six in the evening and she had to catch her night shift at Victorian Coffee House. Adeline immediately hurried out of the condo after locking it behind and changed the clothes into some suitable outfits for the job. After half an hour, Adeline was out of her house and on the way to Victorian Coffee House where she worked. Her jacket hood was pulled up high over her head as she trudged her way down the sidewalk towards the destination. It was a bit colder than usual for December in Crestview City and she couldn't wait to get inside out of the cold and enjoy Talia’s amazing hot cocoa which sounded more appealing at the moment, rather thinking about time portals. She ended up walking over a couple of blocks into a sort of shabby part of the city and then finally stopped in front of a dilapidated-looking building with a battered white and blue sign above the door that said ‘Victorian Coffee House’ in peeling black letters. The windows were a tad but grimy, but from what anyone could see from outside, the place looked warm and cosy, definitely a home-owned business. Adeline was about to open the door when someone caught her hand, grunting, “What are you doing here, Adeline Martinez?” She was shocked out of her wits, never thought she would meet this very person here in Florida. It was like when you see someone you haven't seen in a long time, and they run to you and give you the biggest hug ever, but here, the situation was quite different, there were not any exchange of warmth, instead, questions and glares were fired at each other. Yanking her hand from the tight hold, she glared at the person, and said, “You don't get to question me after five years...” Who is the person? What was she meant to do? Will she be able to make out the meaning of Jack’s analogy?
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