Chapter 1

477 Words
The story starts like: Lisa Monica Rahul and Randy has been roaming around the woods they are trying to get to the main road but could not but then they come to the road where it is divided 2 parts one to the main road and other one to the mystery place. Lisa: I don't know which road goes to the main road Randy: I think the right one will go the main road  Rahul: I think the left one will go the main road Monica: I don't know which one will go  Lisa: even I don't know well I guess we all have to agree on one road and go I say right  Randy: even I said the same  Rahul: I don't think it will take us to the main road  Monica: I don't think you should listen to Randy  but Lisa does not listen to anyone she goes to the right and leaves the left  after walking for 3 hours they don't come to the main road  Monica: I think we have come in the wrong direction we are walking and but still did not come to the main road Randy: it will come don't worry Rahul: Lisa you cade us walk for 3 hrs. I cant walk anymore I need rest  Monica; even I want rest guys Lisa: please guys cooperate with me we will reach  Rahul: I should have not come with for the adventure  Randy: but it is the best adventure I ever gone for even though I don't like it but I loved this  Lisa: guys look at that direction there is a house in the forest  Randy: yea I saw it but whose house could it be that to in the deep forest  Monica: it is looking scary yaar please lets not go  Lisa: but we have no other option we don't have a place to stay it is the middle of the night and we have not got to the main road  Randy: please lets go and take some rest Rahul: but how we don't know whos how is it and what if that owner could come  Lisa: when the owner would come we can say them that we did not have the place to go so we are staying for the night  Monica: I think Lisa is right we need rest we are so tired of walking and we don't know how to get the main road but this how to get to the main road Rahul: ok guys lets go because we have no other option  with no other option they go into that house  will they be able to survive for the night? will Lisa find out whose house it? what do you think would happen next? are they going to e together or separated in the house? is something is the house that looks mysterious?
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