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There is a Mystery Place in the forest No one knows that there is a house the deep Forest because no one go to that place as it is in the deep forest but a girl and her friends will get to know as they would be stuck in the forest in the middle of the night they don't know where to go so they roam around the forest to get to main road but instead they go to the place where the mystery house is and that house was very dark and from outside it looks very scary. so when they find out that there is a house they want to go but since it was scary from outside they don't want to go into the house but the girl will say there is no choice to anywhere and it is middle of the night so with no choice they go into the house to find who's the owner of the house. so for the story the characters to the story are  Lisa: an adventures girl and happy go girl she likes to find something new everyday Monica: she is the friend of Lisa she likes to go for adventures with Lisa she is going to be the CEO of the company soon Randy: CEO of the company of his dad's he does not like to do any adventure but he is friend of Monica so he had to see what the adventure is                              and  Rahul: friend of Lisa Monica and Randy, he is still studying final year he does not like adventure to but wanted to try with Lisa Nihrika: she is the sister of lisa who has been these 4 people would find out what is inside the house  will they be able to find whose house is it ? will they find the owner of the house? is it ok to go inside the house when it looks scary? 
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