Ode to the Moon

217 Words
Are you weary, my moon? Are you tired of shining? The pain shall end so soon, Now you'll see a silver lining. / Your ever pearly glow, Slowly, surely, paling; No more tears to sow, Even as the heart's breaking. / Sleep now, my glowing moon, The sun has come to fetch you; Here now the dawn comes so soon, Painting the heavens so blue. / For it is among the stars, Where you truly belong; For it is the end of wars, That heralds and sings this song. / Don't cry, don't shed a single tear, As we cannot be together; Oh my moon, you should not fear, For this is not our forever. / We shall meet my love, once more, When the tides shall rise and fall; And the deepest seas shall roar, You'll shine again for one and all. / Sleep now, my glowing moon, Here now the dawn comes so soon; You are now among the stars, For you have ended all thy wars. -- Ode to the Moon, from the novel The Northern Gate: Two Worlds By Matthew Spades Copyright license under Stary PTE This is an original work of literature. Reproduction by any form or means in part or in full without written consent from the author is illegal. All Rights Reserved.
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