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   It was my 18th Birthday, the day that everything was suppose to happen. I would finally be an adult, I would be able to shift, and find my mate. But finding a mate wasn't on my list. Tonight after my birthday party I would be leaving my pack for good. You would think that I would place finding my mate before everything but I didn't want a mate I wanted to get away from my so called pack. I am getting ahead of myself, let me give you some information so you can understand why I wanted to leave the place I have called home for 18 years.    My name is Charlene, but every one calls me Charlie, except , my Uncle Alec he calls me Junior because I apparently act like him. As you know I am now 18. I am the daughter of Alpha Brenton of the Blue Moon pack. My mother Luna Hayls was murdered by rogues on my 1st birthday. My father shortly married Sienna after my mother's death. I was 2 years old when Orin, my half brother was born and I was sent to live with my father's Beta, my Uncle Alec. On my 16th birthday my father announced to the pack that I was no longer going to be the next Alpha, that since Orin was his son he would be the next Alpha. I never thought I would ever know pain til that day but I was so wrong.     I have been planning my escape since that night. No one would know I had left expect Alec. He had basically become my father in so many ways. He watched me grow up, he trained me, taught me how to cook, hell this man even explained how periods worked. Alec has always been a constant in my life. He knew that I hated the fact that I was displaced as the heir. I felt no ill will towards my father or towards Orin. I placed all my hatred on Sienna, my Step b***h of a Mother. She never liked me at all. She saw me as a burden and once Orin was born it was her idea that I go live with Alec. She had weaseled her way into our family and stole everything from me. Well everything but my mother's memory. She disliked how everyone would still praise my mother Luna Hayls. She made the mistake once and told Orin that if she had the power she would wipe all traces of my mother away. Sienna also hated how Orin looked up to me and that every chance Orin could slip away he would come see me. Father always told her that we are siblings and since Orin was the next Alpha it would be my job to be his Beta. Not only did I have my rightful place taken but I was knocked down to Beta. I was pissed for about 6 months when my father said that until Alec explained the importance of being a Beta.    As a Beta we are the ones everyone looks to as an example, we protect the Alpha at all cost even if it is against himself. We put the safety of the pack before anything and we are the most loyal. I finally accepted my fate as Orin's Beta. I would protect my little brother from anything. He was mine to protect, guide, shelter, and advice when needed. I would always be there for him when he had no one. I knew I was living a lie because I would never become his Beta because I was leaving on my 18th birthday no matter what.    I knew my leaving would hurt Alec and Orin but I was tired of the pity looks my pack gave me, of my father ignoring me, and I was tired of Sienna's hatred. I had to think of myself, my freedom, and my sanity. I had to what I wanted for once.  Now that you know about me lets get this birthday started!
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