Time to Shift

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Charlie's POV    I stepped out of my shower, slipped on my silk robe, and wrapped my hair in a towel. I walked out of the steamed bathroom and walked toward my closet to find the perfect Birthday Dress! Once in my closet I looked at my back back that I had packed earlier this morning and sighed. I was leaving just after the party ended just as Alec and I had planned. Once everyone was asleep, Alec would drive me to the border of our land, I would break ties to the pack ( they would be asleep so they won't feel that I left til tomorrow ), and I would run in wolf form to my freedom. I looked away from the bag and went in search of the perfect dress. It took me about ten minutes to find what I was looking for. It was a short length grey dress that was long sleeved. I pulled it on and it hugged every curve of my body and it showed off my cleavage. I walked back into the bathroom so that I could use the mirror. I ran a brush through my long hair trying to tame it. Even though my hair was still wet it was uncontrollable. I would have chopped all it off but I hated having short hair I would feel naked without my long locks. I grabbed the closest hair tie and pulled all my hair into a neat but slightly messy bun. I then applied chap-stick on my lips. I never felt the need to wear make up. I would melt off during training and why hide what I really look like. I gave myself a finale glance in the mirror before I left the bathroom. I walked down the stairs and ran straight into Alec's back. I almost fell but I caught myself before I hit the ground. I glanced up at Alec and growled. He finally turned and saw me, "Well look who finally decided to stop hogging the hot water?"    I growled at him again," You almost ruined my dress!"    He laughed and side stepped out of the way so I could walk pass him. I was headed straight to the coffee pot. I could smell the rich Breakfast Blend and my mouth was watering for a taste. I grabbed my usual coffee mug that , " f**k Off Til I Have My Coffee." Alec had ordered it just for me since he complained that I was not fully human till I had my first cup of coffee. I was mixing the creamer and sugar together when I heard a lot voice yell, "CHA CHA!"    I smiled and turned around to see my little brother Orin standing next the bar counter. He had his arms wide open with a cheesy grin plastered on his face. I sat my cup down and walked into his arms. I breathed in his scent, he always smelled of pine just like ou father. I wrapped him tightly in my arms and growled, " How many times O do I have to tell you to stop calling me that?"    We released each other and I went to pour my coffee in to my cup. Orin looked over at Alec," Ah she must still be in beast mode?"    Alec nodded. I growled and took a long gulp of my coffee. I set my mug down on the counter, "O what are you doing here so early?"    Orin smiled another cheesy grin," Well, since the party is already planned, it is summer, and I have nothing to do at all. I thought I would spend most of the day my big sis."    "Oh you just thought? What Sienna had nothing for you to do?"    I watched as Orin rubbed the back of his neck. I knew that was Orin's tale when he was about to tell me bad news. I took another sip of my coffee to prepare myself for what he was about to say.    Orin: " Mom, invited a few last minute guests and preparing for their arrival."    Me: " WHAT GUESTS!"    Orin: "Pops and Mom invited the Waxing Moon Pack and the Waning Moon Pack tonight in hopes of making a treaty."    I mind-linked to Alec, ' So the Step b***h is using my birthday party as a way to make peace? Will it interfere in our plans?' Instead of responding he just shook his head and said to Orin, " Well it will be nice to have peace with them instead of fighting them off every other month." Orin nodded in agreement. I looked at the clock on the wall which read 1pm in the afternoon, "When should they be arriving?" Orin glanced down at his watch and stated, " Well the party starts at sundown which is 6pm so they will be arriving at 4pm."    So the other packs would be arriving in a few hours which would give enough to have my first shift and not be here when they arrived. I smiled with glee at that. I gulped down the last bit of coffee in my cup and felt more awake as I placed in one the counter. I looked between both Alec and Orin, " Well Germs I am headed to the glen to shift for the first time. If you want to join get your ass in my Jeep or stay here." Both of them ran toward my Jeep and buckled up. I grabbed my keys off the key hook and approached my beautiful grey 2016 Jeep. My Jeep was my baby, I bought it with my own money and even named it Munster. I sat in the driver's seat, cranked him up, and took off toward the glen going 80mph. I lived for speed.    We made it to the glen with in 10 minutes. All of jumped out and headed toward the center where we stood in a triangle. Alec told me the night before about how the first shift felt. At first your body would feel numb followed by a blast of heat and ended in pain that would felt like it would never end. He also said that since I had Alpha blood I could shift without ruining my clothes and when I would shift back to human form that I would still be in the same clothes. I was grateful for that because there is no way in hell I would let anyone see my naked.    I closed my eyes and cleared my mind like Alec instructed me. I could hear him talk me through the process," Alright remember not to fight you Wolf Spirit just give in to it."    I nodded. This would be my first shift I was excited and nervous. I stood there for a few minutes waiting. It was when I was about to say f**k it when I felt my body go numb. I felt like I couldn't move my arms or breathe. The numbness was washed away but a slow warmth flooding my body. Alec said there would be heat but holy s**t I felt like I was standing in side a fire pit. I could feel sweat rolling down my forehead. The heat finally ended. I knew pain was next. Please let it be over soon. The pain came in so fast that I fell to the ground. Orin tried to catch me but Alec held him back, " No don't touch her. If you do she will attack you. The process is almost over."    I could hear the concern in Orin's voice, " We are right here Cha Cha."    I really hated that name. I would have growled at him but the pain was slowly killing. I was ready for the pain to end. I felt like I was getting a thousand paper cuts all over my body. I was about to scream out for the pain when I heard Alec say, "My god Junior your a grey wolf!"    I opened my eyes and saw them both smiling at me. I was a grey wolf. Grey wolves are extremely rare. I was rare indeed. I shifted back to my human form and laughed. I looked down at Orin's watch and noticed that it was now 5pm. Holy crap I thought my shift was only a minutes but it was hours and now it was now an hour before my party. I let go of Orin and said, " Well looks like it is almost party time. Lets get this party started!"
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