One Night Stand With My Twin Alpha Mates


Venus Nelson thought her life will be better when she finally find her mate, chosen by the moon goddess for her, but was totally heartbroken when she discovered she was mated to a set of twins.

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Unfortunate day
Venus Nelson's POV “Miss Nelson, can I see you in my office?” Manager Foley’s nasally voice drawled over the phone. “Sir I…” He didn’t even let me answer before ending the call. I cursed him to the heavens and back, wondering if I’d somehow annoyed the goddess for her to grant me such a punishment so early in the day. I sigh replacing the receiver of the phone. Just when I thought my day was going to be a good one. I looked quickly in my mirror noting the dark circles under my eyes, a testament of the long night I’d spent indulging in alcohol following a girls night out with my besties. I groan as a new wave of headache hit me. I had warned them that I couldn’t stay to party like they could seeing as they were all rich and only worked to ease their boredom but somehow they’d convinced me to have a couple more shots. Now they’d be sleeping off their hangovers while I was here hoping no one would notice. Perhaps I should have called in sick. Dabbing some concealer under my eyes, I walked quickly to the elevator. If I was late, he’d yell at me again as he’d taken to do recently like some new found hobby of his. I’d heard the rumours circulating that I was his new target but I hoped they turned out to be false. I loved my job but I would give it up gladly if I had to sleep with the toad of a man to keep it. I knocked on his door and stepped in, barely concealing the look of disgust that threatened to cross my face every time I saw him. Manager Foley smiled darkly as I entered, rising from his seat. “Have a seat, Miss Nelson.” I frowned, sliding into the seat. He sat at the edge of his table, folding his hands across his round stomach perhaps trying for a threatening look. He looked vaguely comical to me, like a poor imitation of an angry Santa Claus. “Is something wrong, sir?” I asked wanting the meeting to be over quickly. The sooner he finished yelling at me, the sooner I’d be free of his slimy gaze. “Do you think something’s wrong, Miss Nelson?” He asked, raising a brow at me. “Well no sir. I…” “See that’s where you’re wrong.” He interrupted rising from his seat, walking over to stand in front of me. “A lot of things have been wrong with your work lately and I’ve found myself having to call you to order more than once. Why is that, Miss Nelson?” “Sir, I…” “Are you perhaps the only employee here?” He interrupted again. “No sir, I…” “Have you perhaps gotten yourself a little boyfriend?” My brows lifted in surprise. He leaned back feeling satisfied with himself and looked down his nose at me. “I had half a mind to fire you and relieve myself of the stress you’re causing me…” “You can’t be serious!” I exclaimed in outrage. I was breaking my back taking on more work than any other person in this bloody office just because I was the newest hire and wanted to prove myself invaluable during the monthly review. I wouldn’t let this toad put me out of job just because he felt like it. “...but I had a change of heart.” He smiled moving to stand behind me, placing his two meaty hands on my shoulders and squeezing gently. “I couldn’t put a pretty girl like you out on the streets. So I came up with a solution that should benefit us both.” I already knew what he wanted to say and I sure as hell wasn’t interested in listening. I tried to leave, but his grip turned forceful pushing me down. “Aren’t you going to ask me what it is, Venus?” Alarm bells went off in my head at the hunger in his tone. My eyes darted around trying to pin point anything I could use to defend myself if he decided not to back off. “What is it, sir?” I asked softly keeping the disgust out of my voice. "Are you trying to pretend or act like you don't know what I want?" I shook my head keeping up my act. My eyes zeroed in on the metal canister he used for coffee. It would have to suffice if it came down to it. "You’re always so bloody innocent, Venus.” He drawled. “It’s why I like you. I watch you walk around the office smiling so innocently at all those men acting like you don’t know they all want you.” His hands slipped lower, gripping my arm and moving up and down in slow strokes. He groaned behind me, leaning down to sniff my hair. My wolf growled inside me wanting to come out and tear him limb from limb for touching me but I pressed her down eyeing the canister. “I’m sorry, Mr Foley.” I said softly. “You’re mistaken.” “Oh I’m not, Miss Nelson. I know you’ve been saving yourself for me.” He said hungrily, hands still caressing my arm. I was so thankful he hadn’t drifted elsewhere or I’d surely crack his skull open with the canister. “Give me one night with you, Venus.” He groaned, hands stopping at my shoulder and sliding downward towards my chest. “Just one night with you to show you I am man enough for you and you can keep your job. Are you in or not?" "Mr…" "Are you in or not?" He asked angrily gripping my neck. He moved with surprising speed and strength, shocking me when he spun the chair to face him, nearly breaking my nose when he forcibly planted a kiss. I pushed him off me barely controlling my strength and slapped him, rising from my seat. I didn’t care anymore if I lost my job. I wouldn’t tolerate being treated like this by any one. “You can keep the job for someone who wouldn’t mind being pawed for a disgusting pig like you.” I spat storming out of his office. I hastily shoved my things in my purse and stormed quickly from the office ignoring the questioning looks from my colleagues. By tomorrow they would all know what had happened. All the better to leave now. I got a cab thankfully almost immediately I stepped outside and stewed softly in anger till I got to my apartment. I somehow managed to ride the elevator and lock my door behind me before I broke down letting the horrible day I’d just had wash over me. What the bloody hell would I do now?

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