Man In Uniform

one-night stand

He's a good boy who acts bad in the bedroom.

She's a bad girl who needs someone to punish her.

When Jasmine meets her counter opposite Austin, she wants him to stay as far away from her as humanly possible.

But love is tricky.

They soon find themselves being unable to stay away from each other...

And her being a law breaker and him being a law enforcer is a formula for disaster...



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Getting into trouble

So, we are getting into trouble again. Lights flash past us as we duck behind a brick wall. I can feel

my heart racing. I love the adrenaline. “This is so exciting,” whispers Kate, my partner in crime. I

laugh at her. She’s right. When the lights begin to fade we agree that it’s safe to emerge from our

hide out. Kate is carrying a bag full of spray paint on her shoulder, you can guess what we are up to.

We both scan the area. The coast is clear. Kate unzips the bag and pulls out two cans of paint, one

for me, one for her. We shake then cans and proceed to create our work of art. A line here, a line

there. We have pretty much mastered spray painting by this stage. Wherever you go in the city of

Dublin, you will find a piece created by us.

I stand back to admire our work. A smile creeps up on my face. This is definitely one of my

favourites. “Looks good,” I compliment, as Kate continues to fill in some shaded areas. Kate steps

back to admire the image too. She laughs. “I can’t wait to see people’s reaction to this. That’s my

favourite part,” she states. We both giggle before retuning to the painting. We need to work fast if

we don’t want to get caught. This place is infested with police and security guards. After all we are in

the shopping centre.

Just as we begin to create the final touches, I hear a man’s voice. The voice is dangerously close.

Kate and I look at each other with wide eyes. That’s our que to get the heck out of there. We don’t

want to spend the night in jail again. We quickly gather our belongings into the bag and dash

towards our hiding location.

“Who’s there?” calls the man’s voice. I giggle which makes Kate hush me. “Jasmine, you’re going to

get us caught again,” she complains lowly. I roll my eyes. She’s much more careful than I am. We can

hear the mans footsteps coming closer and closer. My heart begins to race again. It feels like it’s

about to jump right out of my throat. “I saw you. You can’t hide from me,” Says the man. I smile at

Kate. Little does he know that we are also masters at hiding. The footsteps become fainter as the

man begins to walk away. Kate and I look at each other, eager for the man to notice our masterpiece

on the wall.

In fact, it doesn’t take him long. A loud roar informs us that he has found it. We peek over the wall to

see a man dressed in a security uniform standing before a grand image. A few more men begin to

gather around to see what the fuss is about. They also shout in anger. “Find whoever did this!”

shouts a tall greying man. The four men begin to scatter in various directions. Kate and I panic. We

need to get out of here, and fast. I pick up the bag and decide to take a risk. I’m just going to run and

hope that none of the men are fast enough to catch up with me. I get up, ready to run but Kate grabs

hold of my hand and pulls me back down. “Are you mad?” she asks. I shrug. “Kind of,” I answer and

get up again.

This time she doesn’t stop me, instead she joins me. She takes the bag and we run through the

grassy area as fast as we can. But clearly, it’s not fast enough. “Hey!” shouts one of the security men.

“I see them!” he shouts to his colleagues. So, the chase begins.

It’s not unusual for Kate and I to be chased by someone. Police officers, security men, men in general

and their girlfriends. We almost always get away. Almost. Luckily for us we have pulled several

stunts in this shopping centre before so we know exactly which ways to go to lose the men. We jump

one fence then another. Witch each fence we jump we lose another man. We glance back at the two

officer who have managed to make their way over the fences. They continue to shout at us. “Catch

us if you can!” I shout back at them. This only seems to make them angrier. I really enjoy making

people angry, it’s a hobby of mine.


We run through alley ways and dimply lit streets. These officers are stubborn and won’t get off our

tail. This is probably the longest an officer has ever kept up with us. I’m quite impressed. But also

stressed out. We are beginning to lose ideas on how to get away from these cops. We have tried

almost every trick in our books. “They’re like super cops,” pants Kate as we climb a wall after

reaching a dead end. “Less talking, more running,” I tell her in between breaths. We jump off the top

of the wall and land with a soft thud. We have come into an area we have never been in before. This

is becoming more and more dangerous by the second.

We look back expecting to see the officers struggling, yet to our surprise one of them climbs it with

ease. Feeling very frustrated I grab Kates hand and pull her sharply to the right. “I can’t keep up,”

complains Kate as I sprint as fast as my legs can carry me. I look back at her sweaty face. “Either keep

up or get arrested,” I shout to her and laugh. I see Kate slow down and finally stop. A look of horror

rests on her face. I turn my head to see where I’m going, but instead come in contact with

something hard and sturdy.

I fall back and land on the ground. A pair of rough hands grip me firmly. I groan loudly at the pain

which results from my fall. “You asshole!” I shout. “You hurt me!” I add. The man doesn’t answer. I

can see his face as my vision is still blurry from the collision. He reaches for his radio and says

something to it. Then proceeds to handcuff me. I struggle but the man is too strong for me. I stand

no chance, I’m screwed.

“You’re in a lot of trouble miss,” says the officer in a deep, husky voice. It’s quite sexy to be honest

with you. “I don’t care, let me go!” I shout at him and attempt to kick him. He dodges my kick with

ease. “Stop struggling, you stand no chance against me,” states the officer. My vision begins to clear

as he lifts me up onto my feet. I finally get a proper view of the man who captured me. His hair black

hair is messy from the run. There are some sweat beads dripping over his eyebrows and hazel eyes.

He uses his sleeve to wipe them off.

No wonder I got knocked over after running into this man. He’s tall and very well built. I’m barely 5

foot 3 inches and I have a very petite build. This wipes all of my hope of escaping his death grip. I

groan as he pulls me back towards the other police officers. I walk with him instead of struggling.

There’s just no point. “Why did you do that?” he asks. I shrug.

“I’m curious of the thought process involved,” he adds. “How could you possibly think that this was a

good idea,” says the officer. I groan loudly. “I already got caught, I don’t need a lecture from some

stupid officer,” I complain. He laughs. “I’m not that stupid if I outsmarted you,” he points out. “I

knew you’d take that route, rookie mistake,” he adds. I mimic him, making my voice high pitched

and annoying. He rolls his eyes.

“Officer Austin, you caught her! Fantastic!” shouts the greying officer. “It wasn’t that hard,” says

officer Austin looking down at me. I growl a him. I hate cocky men. “Take her to the car and bring

her down town,” orders the officer. Austin nods and follows his orders. “Aren’t you too old to be an

officer?” I ask. The officer sighs. “Aren’t you too smart to be getting arrested?” he asks. I roll my

eyes. Officers, they’re the worst.

On the way to the police car I keep an eye out for Kate. She is nowhere to be seen. She must have

gotten away. Great. There is some hope of me getting out of this mess.

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