Chapter 10: The Sand Jinn’s Cave-1

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Chapter 10: The Sand Jinn’s Cave Jafar al-Sharif sat down cross-legged on the warm sand and called for Cari to materialize before him. She appeared in her normal shape, sad-eyed and somber, and made a formal salaam. “I am here, O master.” “Have you been listening to the conversation?” “Yes, I have.” “Do you have any knowledge of this Jinn named Estanash?” “Just general things that confirm everything Nusair ibn Samman told you. From the brief bit I saw of him, he is a powerful Jinn with magical abilities far beyond my own meager talents. I would be no match for him in a fight, if that’s what you were thinking.” “I was afraid of that.” “I’m sorry I disappoint you so greatly, O master.” Jafar al-Sharif shook his head. “You’re no disappointment. Quite the reverse. It’s just that where

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