Chapter 10: The Sand Jinn’s Cave-2

2021 Words

After a few more minutes they began to detect a faint light ahead of them, which grew brighter as they approached. Now they slowed their pace even more, for they were nearing the opening of the Jinn’s large interior cavern and would soon encounter the two -headed lion that guarded his threshold. Prince Ahmad placed his back tightly against the left-hand wall of the tunnel and edged carefully down the passageway. The spear was ready in his right hand in case of trouble. In this dim light Selima was virtually invisible; Prince Ahmad had to take it on faith that she was beside him. As they reached a slight bend in the passage where the light increased, Prince Ahmad whispered, “It’s time for you to go on ahead of me. If you’re afraid, just say so and I’ll—” “Nothing more can harm me,” Selima

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