Chapter 27: Adam, Part 2

1148 Words

By late afternoon, storm clouds rolled in, and low, angry thunder rumbled across the sky. Adam tried to ignore the darkening disappointment in his gut but, by closing time, his dreams of a late night swim were pretty much gone. Still, they could huddle in the shelter and neck. That would be better than nothing. It was seven o'clock when his dad closed out the register for the night. "You about done stacking those cans, Adam?" There were only six left, but he needed a moment of quiet. "Yes, sir. Just a couple more rows." As he'd hoped, his father called back, "All right. You go finish up, and I'll head home. You know how your mother gets if dinner has to wait too long." He chuckled and added, "Someday you'll have the pleasure of a nagging wife. That little Susan seems like the kind who'd

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