Chapter 28: Adam, Part 3

1358 Words

Adam fell back and half lay on the cold ground, soaked, bloody and exhausted. His heart pounded in his ears like an evil drum, louder and louder, and the world's focus grew too sharp. For an instant he could see every rain drop suspended in midair, as though someone had stopped the world. He blinked at the horror of it, and then everything rushed into a super fast tumult that made him sick. He couldn't focus; couldn't concentrate, and inside, low in his belly, a burning started. It spread through him, gaining momentum as it raced down his limbs, into his fingers and toes, and slammed into his brain. Adam clutched his skull and writhed on the ground. It felt as though a thousand, red hot knives were slicing through every inch of him, and the wounds ripped into his neck and chest were on fi

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