Chapter 30: Nirel, Part 2

1129 Words

It was still drizzling the next evening. Iris donned a rain poncho and bulldozed her way out the door. Agnes didn't bother with a coat, only grabbed Nirel's arm and dragged him into the rain. "Oh!" she cried with delight. "The drops are cold! Do you feel them?" "Eh, not really." His gaze swept from her rapt face to the fringe of dark trees that bordered the property. Over the sound of the storm, he could hear Iris clomping through the underbrush, pointedly searching for soggy prey. "Try!" "What?" His attention swung back to her. "Sorry." She batted his apology aside. "I said try! Here!" She grabbed his arm and extended it, forcing his palm up. "Now concentrate. Feel the drops as they land on your fingers." He sighed inwardly. If it would shut her up he'd play along. "Yeah, yeah. I fe

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