Chapter 31: Nirel, Part 3

1697 Words

A guy in a dark blue pullover lounged behind her. "He was telling you about his girlfriend." "Oh were you?" She fixed him with a vacant stare. "What about her?" Nirel ground his teeth to keep from snapping, "No, I wasn't." He was suddenly sick of the whole vapid, stupid crowd. They didn't know their arse from a hole in the ground. They probably didn't even know their own bleedin' names. Iris was right, there had to be something more. The thought filled him with fury and he bit off his words savagely, "I was tellin' you ow we met. It was snowing and I was ungry and there was their house, out in the middle of nowhere. So, I go right up and I knock on the door." He could still see it in his head. The door was locked and he pounded on it. He could smell their blood and he wanted it; he nee

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