Chapter 14: Alexander, Part 3

1053 Words

Jesslynn stopped walking and let go of Alexander's hand to stare him straight in the face. "What have you been doing?" Before he could answer, his father appeared, and she turned her unhappiness on him. "Who is that man, Riley, Oren? Can he be trusted?" "He's a friend of Jorick's," Oren answered. "A friend?" Jesslynn questioned sarcastically. "I didn't think he was capable of friends." "An acquaintance then," Oren said impatiently. "If he were not trust worthy, Jorick would not have brought him to our home. He has already vouched for him. Is his word not enough?" Jesslynn didn't look convinced. "Perhaps, and perhaps not. It isn't his life that hangs on the trustworthiness of this man's lips. You will make his compulsory compliance clear to him before they leave." Oren sighed. "Jessly

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