Chapter 15: Alexander, Part 4

1120 Words

Alexander spun around, his anger replaced by fear. "Uncle Fabian." His uncle stepped into the room, his dark curly hair mussed, one hand in his trouser pocket. "Are you giving the human a hard time?" "No, Uncle. I just came to see the baby." Fabian smirked. "Of course you did. And what are you supposed to be doing?" Alexander bit his lip, but when his uncle asked again, his tone sterner, he answered, "I'm to do my lessons, sir." "Then tell the baby goodbye and go to your lessons." With a sigh, Alexander moved to the crib. He stood on his tiptoes and peered in. Tristan lay nestled in white blankets, his dark eyes open and aware. "Goodbye, Tristan." Though his brother gave no answer, Alexander knew he understood. He dropped back to the flats of his feet and looked to their nurse. "Go

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