Chapter 19: Kateesha, Part 2

1251 Words

"Hey there! You watch what you say, you nig-" The word fell unfinished. With a single stroke of the blade, Kateesha severed his head. The men jumped back, eyes as large as saucers. The redhead cried, "Holy Jesus! Who are you?" Kateesha smiled a broad, fanged smile. "I'm the devil, and I've come to collect." Of the remaining four, two ran. The other pair attacked, or tried to. Too young and inexperienced, Kateesha cut them down in seconds. The scent of blood filled her nostrils and stirred her in a way that nothing else could. She wanted it. She wanted the feel of it, the taste of it. She wanted to bathe in it while Jorick watched, but since he wasn't there, Daniel would do, just as he had before. Her eyes flamed with lust and she grabbed his hand. "Come, we'll catch the others." The

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