Chapter 20: Kateesha, Part 3

1042 Words

Traveling by night, it took them a week to get to the Guild's fortifications in Iowa. Half brick, half wood, what would soon be a monstrosity was only partially finished. Kateesha could imagine the coming grandeur, but she didn't care. This was the third location since she'd come to the new country. It would move again. Malick waited in the audience chamber, a long, low room paneled in wood. Five chairs sat at one end, under an antique tapestry. He sat in the center chair, a pale woman on his left and a dark skinned male on his right; two of the other four council members. Malick's thundercloud eyes swept over the newly returned pair. His question came like a gentle slap, "Where are those you were sent to bring back?" Kateesha dropped to her knees before him. "Father, they were troubles

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