Chapter 21: Kateesha, Part 4

1037 Words

Jorick drew back a step, his face hard. "I'm married now." Kateesha leaned against the door frame and pouted. "Yes, I know, and to such a plain, timid little thing. Can you truly be happy with her? Oren's sister would suit you better. Even that little girl in Texas would have been a more suitable choice. Sarita, wasn't it?" His nose curled with disdain. "You know I have no love for Spaniards." "She wasn't a Spaniard, but a Mexican and she filled your bed easily enough." "There is a difference between sharing love and a bed." "And do you love this new woman, this Velnya? Can you really?" Kateesha was suddenly on him, her hands on his shoulders, her breasts pressed against his hard chest and her lips brushing his neck. "Can she really give you all the things I can?" "Enough." Jorick

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