The Dance

973 Words
(Clara’s point of view) I hear the DJ announce me. I take a deep breath. I can do this. I take a few steps out onto the stage and try to find the flow to the music. The stage is long, in my opinion. There are two poles, and I walk up to the first one. I do a little swing on it, trying to get the attention on me. Once I get down, I grab the bar with both hands and twerk my a** out towards the crowd. I don’t have a lot of moves yet, so I have to milk the ones I know until the dance is over. When I turn back around, I see a lot more men have come over to watch me. I walk over to some men with dollar bills held up and shake my a** in front of them, letting them slip their bills in my thong. I get back up and do a little more daring slide down the pole, and I start to receive some whistles in return. I can’t help but smile. I lean back and run my hands up and down my inner thighs, and move them up to cup my breasts. I take my time teasing them with my body. I can see that I know I have the whole rooms attention. I sway my hips to the beat. Now is the time, I think to myself. I grab my bra strap and look to the one side of the stage. I give a wink to one of the guys, and he throws a few bills on the stage, so I pull down the strap. I take a couple of steps towards the other side of the stage and grab my other bra strap. They must be fast learners because they couldn’t have slapped the money down fast enough. I pulled down the other strap and unclasp the back of the bra and held it over my beast in a teasing manner. All of a sudden, I can hear whistles and cheering. Money starts to rain down on me, and I take the bra off and throw it on the stage. I do a slow spin on the bar, giving everyone a look when I hear the DJ give me my sign that I have one minute left. I get down and crawl across the stage. I put my breasts in men’s faces and blow kisses at them. I keep going showing off my body and letting them stick money in my thong. “That was Diamond, everyone. The next dancer will be on in 5.” I hear the DJ call out. I hurry and gather my money. Scarlett comes out to help me and picks up my bra for me, while Amy cleans up the poles and everything. Once the stage was clear, I handed Amy a 20 for her help. Scarlett and I head back to the locker room to freshen up and lock up the money we made. “Wow there is over 300 dollars here. That is amazing for your first dance, Diamond.” “I can’t believe it myself. I have no idea where I got that confidence.” “Well we are packed today, so it was the perfect time to have a great dance.” I hear the door open and see the owner walk in. He is a very kind older man. I think he is in his late 60s, and his wife Kayla sometimes fills in for Amy on her days off. “Great set, Diamond! I knew I made the right decision having you dance here.” “Oh, thank you” I said, a little confused. “I don’t normally come back here, but in the 10 years I have run this place, no woman has gotten booked to the VIP room after her first dance. Let alone for the rest of the night.” “The VIP room?” I ask “For the rest of the night!” Scarlett said loudly. “Yes, a young man paid a great deal of money to have you. Here is your cut of the money.” He hands me $1000. “Mr. Krum, he doesn’t expect me to sleep with him, does he? Because I won’t do anything like that” “Don’t worry, Diamond, if he even touches you, the bouncer will toss him out, and you get to keep the cash. I don’t run that kind of stuff in my club.” I let out a breath. “what do I do?” “The VIP room has a small stage with a pole. Dance for a while, then give him a lap dance, and if he manages to make it past, that offers him some drinks and talks with him. Sometimes men are just lonely and want some company.” “ok, Scarlett, can you show me where this room is once I get cleaned up?” “Sure!” With that, the owner left, and I put on some deodorant and spray on some perfume. I check my makeup and reapply lipstick. “I am ready, Scarlett. I am a little scared about the Lap dance, though.” “Don’t overthink it, Diamond. Just do what you did on stage and tease him a bit.” I give her a head nod, and we walk to the room. “here you are, Diamond. Just imagine bringing home all of that money tonight. We will have a hot water tank and hot showers before our next shift.” “ I can’t wait” I say with a smile. “Ok, I will find you when I’m done, Scarlett.” She gives me a side hug and walks away. I turn the door knob and walk in.
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