The club

775 Words
I wake up to Wendy shaking me. “Clara you only have an hour to get ready for work.” I yawn and stretch. “Wait! Wendy, did you get your stuff? Are you moved in now?” I can’t help but to say excitedly. “ I sure did! I have 2 bags of clothes and I left the last bit of money dad will ever get from me.” I jump up and hug her. Tears fill both our eyes. “okay, hurry up and shower now. We will get beautified at the club.” I hurry and get into the cold shower. It is like torture, but it is actually helping my nerves a little. I shave every inch of myself before getting out. I choose not to look in the mirror so I don’t overthink anything. I have to wear my old waitress uniform so my mom doesn’t question it. I told her I picked up the night shift at my old job. When we walk down the steps, I see she is asleep in her room. I let out a breath once we make it outside. “nerves Diamond?” Wendy asks with a wink. “No not at all, Scarlett!” I lie but with confidence. I open the car door when I start to feel like I’m being watched. I look around for a moment and then decide to just hurry and go. About 20 min later, we pull up to the club. This is the second time I have been here. The first time was for my tryouts. I follow Wendy back to the locker room, and she gives me the key to the locker she set up for me. “Thank you, Wendy. I will pay you back for all the stuff you bought me.” “Don’t even worry about it. Just remember, when we pass those doors, I am Scarlett, and you are Diamond.” I smile up at her. “Right! Ok Scarlett let’s get our faces put on and get out there.” I open the locker and find a couple of lingerie pieces, makeup, and a blue wig. The wig was the most expensive thing but totally worth it. We bought it at an actual wig store, and they taught me how to secure it so it won’t go flying off. I decided on embracing the blue today. I put on my blue 2 piece set and my wig. My double Ds already look like they are going to pop the top off. It doesn’t really matter, though. I won’t be wearing it long anyway. I asked Scarlett for help with my makeup. I can do simple looks myself, but I want to look like someone completely different. She helps contour my face. She uses liquid eyeliner to give me cat eyes. Then, I applied some smoky blue eyeshadow. I take a look in the mirror and am amazed. “Thank you, Scarlett. I will take it from here so you can get ready for your dance.” I grab some light blue lipstick and put on a thick layer, hoping it will last for a while. I grab some body glitter and put a little on my cheekbones and on my collar bone. The last thing I need to do is put on some very tall heels. I am around 5 foot 5, but in these heels, I nearly hit 6 feet. I have practiced a little walking in them, but I am still scared I’m going to fall on my face. Amy, the house mom, is walking over to me. “you are on in 5 minutes, Diamond. Do you have everything you need?” “I believe I do Amy thanks for asking.” “Not a problem at all, Diamond. I know this will be your first official night, but don’t stress. You will do great.” I give her a nod and start walking towards the stage. I told the DJ to just make a track for me because I couldn’t decide on a song. Since it will be a set of beats he put together, I won’t know when it will end, so he said he would tap the mic when I have a minute left. I get behind the stage and watch as the girl before me picks up the last of her money, and Amy is cleaning up the stage as fast as she can. They both walk past me, and Amy gives my shoulder a small squeeze. I hear the DJ announce me, and I take a deep breath. I can do this.
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