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REHAN'S POV "Get the f**k out of my office," I spoke calmly, spinning the paperweight. "S-Sir...I need this job." He again repeated the same sentence. I blew out a small amount of air and tilted my head in his direction. His face was all restless in fear and sweat. My eyes went over his trembling fingers which tried hard to grip some documents. "You want this job? THEN WHY THE HELL YOU TOOK LEAVE WITHOUT INFORMING ME?" I asked still trying to calm my temper as much as possible but all he did was to bend his head low. Fuck this s**t. "LEAVE NOW." "Sir, my wife was sick, I-I...." My lips broke into a faint chuckle. So he gave priority to his wife's health over this job? Well done, you just gave me another reason to remove you from my company. "Now you have two choices either get the f**k out of here or wait and watch how I make sure that no-one will ever hire you." His face became paler and without saying any single word, he walked out. I pushed the paperweight and it fell on the floor, shattering into pieces. "Sir, do you need a little distraction?" Tara, my secretary came, closing the door behind her. She walked to me and stood in between my legs. I raised my eyebrows but she leaned closer and loosen my tie with her perfectly manicured fingers. Who am I complaining? She's one hell of a distraction. She knows how to satisfy me. Licking her lips, she pulled her top over her head. I smirked and smashed our lips together. She let out a moan when our tongue collided. l**t ignited into every core of my nerve. "Dude I am warning you if you don't stop all this then one day you're going to end up having STD." I clenched my teeth as the door flew open and a familiar voice made its way. Tara quickly maintained a breathable distance with me, glaring Vishal who looked at her in disgust. I rolled my eyes and leaned more into the leather chair, pressing my fingers over my forehead. This Vishal has the worst timing. Tara put her top back and started walking to the door, throwing daggers at him all along the way. "Hey, Asshole." "Oh hey back, STD transmitter." Once Tara went out, he grabbed a seat across the table and started wiggling his eyebrow. "Why are you here? Don't you have any work in the hospital?" I asked slightly irritated. He rolled his eyes and leaned forward only to pinch my cheek. "VISHAL, I DARE YOU TO DO SOMETHING IMMATURE LIKE THAT AGAIN AND TRUST ME, NEXT YOU'LL FIND YOURSELF ON THE HOSPITAL BED." He sighed and pulled a blank face. I clenched my fists in frustration. What the hell is wrong with me? Why this pathetic mood swing? "What's wrong?" He asked, his voice lacing concerned. "Piss off." "Look Rehan, I am your best friend and for God's sake stop behaving like I am your enemy. WHY CAN'T YOU JUST TELL ME?" He yelled in a hollow voice but when I didn't reply anything, he drank the whole glass of water in one go. "He chose his wife's health over his job," I added blankly and pressed my eyes shut trying to avoid his gaze. "You were jealous of him, weren't you?" I swallowed the thick amount of lump forming in my throat. Jealous? Maybe. After all, that employee had someone to return home for, unlike me who got nothing but this company. "Out. Now." I stated simply and he scoffed. "Bro, you love me, don't you?" "Vishal stop acting gay and come to the point. What do you want?" I asked ignoring the weird look he has, with wide eyes and lips being pulled out. Bloody Drama queen. "I've found a bride for you." I chocked on my saliva at his words. What the hell? "Before you kick me out of your cabin, just hear me out, okay?" He said in a panic and passed me an innocent look. I nodded hesitantly and that's when he smiled from ear to ear. "Rehan you've promised me that you'll do anything for me. So today I am asking you to marry someone of my choice. Please only for me, agree to this marriage." He explained in one breath and then looked everywhere but me. "You will destroy her life," I stated. "She's not an ordinary woman. She has a heart of gold and believem me Rehan, one day you'll thank me for arranging your marriage to her." He exclaimed happily. I had an urge to laugh at his stupidity. I might end up marrying someone of his choice but not even my wife will be able to bring the change in me. Vishal is my friend but still, there are many secrets to which he is unaware. If only he knew then definitely he would have never tried to set up my wedding with anyone. A person like me doesn't deserve all this. I had done terrible things which are hard to forget. That pain, that guilt, that agony was not something to forget. They had trapped my heart. The woman with the heart of gold will never be able to mend my broken soul. "Look at yourself Rehan. You're the one of the most eligible bachelor blessed with the perfect look and all the riches. Anyone would die to marry you but still at the age of twenty-seven, you're single. But I am not complaining, I am actually glad that you are single because if anyone deserves to be your wife then it's Mayra, only her." You're not getting Vishal, no one deserves to be the wife of a f*****g Nightmare.
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