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MAYRA'S POV I gulped down the third glass of water, down my throat in nervousness. I am going to meet 'The Rehan Malhotra'. I never thought to meet him in person. Vishal asked me to wait in the room but to get some fresh air, I walked to the balcony. What I am going to say to Mr Rehan? What if I will end up embarrassing myself? What if..? I inhaled a deep breath and looked straight up into the sky full of stars, instantly a little relive washed over me. "Staring them won't solve anything." Suddenly a strong dominating voice echoes into my ears and I snapped my eyes in the direction only to find a well-built man in business attire. I blinked again to realize that it was no other than Rehan Malhotra. Automatically a smile touched my lips and I shifted my eyes back to the stars. "They don't solve anything but at least they provide peace and I guess that's more important," I said and he let out a dark chuckle. He stood next to me and my heart started beating at a wild rate. "Peace, it's impossible to find." I tilted my head and our eyes held a contact. For a second, everything went still. His eyes were the most beautiful pair, I have ever seen but his aura was reflecting confidence, not his eyes. They were holding strange emotions which were hard to read. "Peace can be found easily," I added, our gaze still interlocked. But instead of another word, he came closer to me and grabbed my wrist harshly, in between his fingers. I hissed slightly and stared at him. What's wrong with him? "Have you got peace?" "Where there is pain, no peace can ever come," I replied and his grip tightened more, which made me bite my lip. His jaw was clenched but soon a smirk appeared on his face. He pulled my lips out of my teeth using his thumb. A shiver rushed down my spine and numerous butterflies jumped into my belly. I instantly pulled myself back and looked everywhere but him. What was that feeling? "There was no pain this time, so felt any peace?" For the first time, I found myself going out of words. "How much money do you want?" He asked, maintaining his posture. "What?" "HOW MUCH MONEY DO YOU WANT TO STAY THE f**k AWAY FROM ME?" He raised his tone making me gasped in shock. This wasn't the Rehan Malhotra whom I expected. *** "Hello, Barbie doll," Vishal said with a boyish grin and jumped on the bed like a little kid. I smiled at his antiques and turned the T.V. off. "So? Any special reason for this random visit to my house?" I asked, raising my eyebrows. He nodded, looking dead serious. "Come, first have a seat." "Everything okay, right? Why are you behaving strangely?" I asked in concerned but all he did was to give a slight nod and ran fingers through his hair. "Mayra, do you trust me?" I scrunched up my eyebrows at his question. Off course I trust him. It was trust that I came to India just because he asked me to come? But why he had asked that? "Yes, I do." "If I will ask you for something, will you have enough trust in me to do that?" He asked. "I will try," I replied an honest answer. "What do you think about Rehan?" I watched his face in confusion but he maintained a continuous blank look. What did I think about Rehan? This was not just a question and I wouldn't be able to answer it though. Rehan was a mystery, someone who was not what he looks like. There was something different behind the façade of an arrogant billionaire. "I don't know Vishal. I don't have the exact words to define what I think about him. In our first meet, he had given me an impression of arrogance, egotistic, cold-hearted person but there was something in his eyes which was narrating the different story." I spoke and a small smile automatically formed on his lips. Huh? "Rehan is on the edge of destroying his life." I bite my bottom lips and noticed the frown his face held. He was concerned about his best friend. His words were like a trigger to my old memories. Jason was also like Rehan. The same d**g addiction. A shiver ran through my spine and I shook my head to clear my mind. No. I couldn't. I couldn't watch Rehan turning into another Jason. "Don't worry Vishal, your friend is now my responsibility. I promise I will fix his life." He smiled for a moment but then again a frown took over his face. "How?" "He needs care Vishal. We have to make him believe that there are others who care for him. He has to be happy enough to come out from the trap of drugs." I explained. "Mayra, you still don't get it, do you?" I slowly shook my head and waited for him to say something and clear my confusion. "From where Rehan is going to get care? He doesn't have anyone, not a single family member. And happiness? I don't think he has any reason to be happy about." My eyes went wider in shock. Rehan has no reason to be happy about? Definitely, Rehan Malhotra has a different story which was untold. "Do you want to make his life better?" I nodded without wasting a single second. "Then marry him." My breath caught up in the middle of my throat. Marry him? I searched his face to get a hint that what he said was a joke but his expressions were otherwise. What are you saying, Vishal? Is this some kind of joke or what? I want to make his life better but that doesn't mean for this, I have to marry him. I don't even know him, he's a complete stranger. "No. Are you out of your mind Vishal? This is not happening." I said, sternly. "Mayra, please. He needs someone like you. I know you will be able to heal him. Just have a little faith in me, think your marriage as the only way to save his life. Since the day I first saw you, I knew that you're the only one who could bring my best friend back. You're my only hope, Mayra." My heart started getting louder and again the face of Jason appeared in the back of my mind. I clenched my eyes shut and felt the familiar pain. Rehan deserves happiness, but how can I marry him? "Think about what I said. If you want to give up on him without even trying then that's okay otherwise I know that you won't ever regret marrying him." He added with a small smile. Marriage is a big thing. For me, it will always be a pure bond. I had always thought about marrying the one whom I love. Tears gathered in my eyes and I felt the sudden frustration. Deep down I don't know why but my heart was not against Vishal. I sighed and took out Rehan's medical record from my bag. Depression, panic attacks, anxiety, mood swings, d**g addiction, anger issues. There was something more. The way his eyes had flickered with void emotions, there was something which was constantly eating him alive. Saving even a single life is worth every sacrifice but how can I marry him? "I can't Vishal." He frowned and pinched the bridge of his nose. "Mayra, remember once you said that I am the brother you haven't got by birth, right?" I nodded. "Then believe me that you are like a sister to me and I would never ask you for something which will destroy your life." He spoke, now looking straight into my eyes. I smiled. "Vishal, do you really want to tie me into the knots of a lifeless marriage?" Although from inside my heart was at the edge. "Rehan is my best friend. I know that he has his demons but I promise, he's not that bad Mayra. You are my only hope for him." He whispered. I licked my lips. You are not getting Vishal, are you? I am not scared of Mr Malhotra but I am scared of stepping into a hollow marriage. "Please, Mayra. I beg you." I exhaled a deep breath and faked a smile. "Okay." "What? Y-You will marry h-him?" He stammered, his eyes wide in surprise. "Yes. I will." He blinked twice and then without thinking next, he screamed in happiness and came forward to hug me. I am ready to take the risk of stepping into this lifeless marriage. I couldn't let Rehan became exactly like Jason. I wasn't able to save him but this time, I promise to decorate beautiful colours in Rehan's life.
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