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Hello my beautiful readers! This book is a sequel, so it is recommended to read book 1 (My Powerful Luna). As of April 2023, The Princess Luna is complete. As a reminder for those who missed the blurb and haven't read my other stories, my books are labeled 'steamy'. This means that they will be filled with lots of detailed steamy scenes. This book will have lots of sėx scenes, violence, profane language, and at times, maybe even some sort of abuse, so if you don't feel comfortable with that, please skip those chapters. I will no longer put warnings in my chapters unless it's something that I believe is a trigger. This and the blurb will be your only warning. Also, for those unaware or new to my stories, they are known to get wild and more times than not end in a cliffhanger. You've been warned! The reason why I won't know in advance is because I let my characters guide me. I'm a wild child that has no outlines. Lol. Thank you for understanding. Please remember to follōw my sōcial medīa (Facēbook- Author NiMarie, Instagrām- nimarie.author, and TikTōk- author.nimarie) for the latest on updates, sequels, and new books. Please feel free to read any of my other series on this app: The Silver Forest Series (Not Your Typical Alpha & The Alpha's Mistake), The Capo Series (The Forced Mafia Princess & Fontana), The Forbidden Series (His Forbidden Goddaughter & Her Forbidden Desire), and The Lycan Series (My Sealed Mate). My current and future book order is as follows: Ongoing (should be updated alternatively): The Beta's Bet (Spinoff of MPL) Her Forbidden Desire (Book 2 of HFG) Future Books: Saving My Luna (Spinoff of MPL) My Forbidden Luna (Stand Alone) The Alpha's Return (Stand Alone) My Beta Or My Mate (Stand Alone) As always, thank you for the love and support! XOXO, NiMarie
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