01 | The Vision

1522 Words
*Victoria’s POV* “We are under attack, Xavier!” Liam yelled, running into the office. “What the fūck!” He growled as he moved me gently from his lap. “Vampires and rogues!” Liam hissed before running off. “Baby, make sure you get all the women and pups into the safe rooms,” Xavier said before pecking my lips quickly. “Mind link me when you are done so I can tell you where to meet up.” I nodded at him as both of us split up. Goddess, I hope we can stop them before anyone gets hurt. I ran down the stairs as I sent a text to Edric to let him know about the attack. “Victoria!” Xavier’s mom yelled as she met me. “I got most of the women safe but there were some pups playing by the lake. We need to get them here safely.” She said in panic. “I got it! You go into the safe room!” I yelled over my shoulder. I sped through the pack house, dodging the nearby fight. Wolves in human form fighting against rogues and wolves in wolf form fighting against vampires. It was a mess. Flesh and blood, flying in the air. I was holding my breath as I reached the pups who were hiding behind a tree, inches away from the battle. “It’s okay. Your Luna is here to help.” I whispered as I reached them. “You can trust me.” They ran over to me in a rush and clung on to my waist for dear life. I counted five pups. “How many of you were here?” I asked them as my eyes roamed the area for danger. “Just us five.” One of the little boys said. “Okay.” I breathed out. “I need you to be brave, okay?” I asked them. They all nodded as they followed me back to the pack house. We ran as fast as we could, but Leyon and a vampire blocked the entrance. I opened my arms to stop the pups before they could run into danger. I glared at Leyon as he smirked. “Missed me?“ Before I could reply, Liam’s and Brook’s wolves jumped in the way and started fighting the two asšholes. “Go! Go! Go!” I pushed the pups through the side door before I heard Liam howl in pain, making me freeze on my spot. I turned slowly to find Brook’s black and white wolf lying on the ground right before she shifted. 
 No! No! No! No! No! This cannot be happening! Liam’s distraction allowed for Leyon to go in and rip his throat out, killing him instantly. My hand flew over my mouth as I watched everything unfold so quickly. I was getting ready to run towards Leyon and the vampire when an excruciating pain gripped my heart, spreading throughout my whole body. It was so immense that I felt my knees go weak and my breath stop. I gripped a fistful of grass as I gaped for air. The tears rolled down my face as I felt my vision getting blurry. Please goddess, don’t let this happen. Please. And the moment I felt the mate bond break, everything went black. “Xavier!” I yelled as soon as my eyes opened. My hand flew to my chest as I sat up, disoriented. “Princess!” Xavier rushed to my side. “I’m here, baby.” I grabbed his arms, pulling him closer as I sobbed on his chest. “Baby, please calm down.” He whispered as he rubbed my back. I felt him let go of my back before reaching for the remote to call a doctor over. Only then did I realize that I was in a room in the clinic. I hiccuped as he pulled away, cupping my face. “I was so worried, princess.” He murmured before pecking my lips. “What happened?” I asked him as I wiped away the tears. He was about to reply when a doctor rushed in with Edric, my father, and my mother right behind him. “How are you feeling?” The doctor asked me as he brought out a flashlight-looking thing. “She woke up shivering, sweating, and yelling my name.” Xavier said before I could reply. I rolled my eyes before nodding. “What happened to me?” I asked again. “You fainted three days ago,” Edric whispered as he approached my bed. “Three days?” I asked as I tried to get up. “No.” The doctor said, placing his hands on my shoulder. “Now that you are up, we need to run more tests.” “The pups?” I asked in panic now. “They are in perfect health,” the doctor replied. I looked over to Xavier and frowned, reaching for his hand. “This must have been really hard on you.” I whispered as I brought his hand to my lips. “You have no idea,” he said, closing his eyes. “Now, princess, would you mind sharing if you had any dreams or something while you were out?” The doctor asked me. I closed my eyes as I thought about what I had dreamed about moments ago. “I remember the pain. So much pain.” I told them as I squeezed my eyes shut and gripped the sides of my head tightly. “Don’t fight it. It will come to you on its own.” The doctor said. “No. Let her think about it.” My mother said, getting closer. “It could have been a vision.” “Mother.” Edric whispered to her as he turned. “I’m not crazy! The doctor said it himself! She shouldn’t have been out that long unless something was keeping her down. A vision of some sort could have been that something.” She growled lowly. “Someone is feeling better.” I said under my breath, making Father and Edric chuckle as Mother glared at them. I closed my eyes again as I heard the voices around me. I focused on my dream. I focused on the pain I felt moments ago. The desperation. My eyes suddenly flew open and searched for Xavier’s. “What is it?” He asked as his hands grabbed mine tightly. “Oh, Xavier.” I whispered as the tears threatened to fall. “We were attacked.” I told him with a frown as his eyes grew darker. “What do you mean attacked?” Edric panicked. “I was desperate to save the pups from the pack after the attack started. I was almost to the pack house when he showed up with a vampire.” I sobbed. “Him?” Xavier asked with brows furrowed. “Vampires?” Edric hissed. “Yes, vampires and rogues attacked. They were led by Leyon,” I said as everyone in the room growled angrily. “What else happened, princess?” Mother asked me as she sat on the edge of the bed and held my other hand. I rubbed my face tiredly before looking at them. “Then Brook and Liam had to distract them so I could save the pups, but then…” I trailed off, looking at Xavier again. “Then what?” He asked in a whisper. “They were killed.” I choked up as he closed his eyes. “Then…” I sobbed harder now. “I felt it.” “Felt what, baby?” Father asked me. “The mate bond.” I choked out. “Breaking. As Xavier died.” Mother pulled me into her arms as I cried on her shoulder. The pain was still there like if it really did happen. If Xavier weren’t here, I would think he really had been killed. “Victoria.” He whispered in my ear. “I’m here. I’m not going anywhere.” He promised me before leaning down to peck my lips. I pray to goddess that he really doesn’t. I can’t do this without him. “She needs to take things slow.” I heard the doctor whisper to Father. “Let’s give her some space guys.” Father said. “We will be back in a few.” Father told me as he kissed my forehead. He had to force Mother away with him because she wasn’t having it. “Only for a little bit.” He whispered in her ear. As they walked away, she leaned towards his chest. “It was a vision. What are we going to do?” She asked him as I squinted at them. I wanted to be part of that conversation, but my eyes got heavy. “Xavier?” I whispered as he grabbed my hand. “I’m here, baby. I will never leave your side. Any of you three.” He said as he kissed my stomach, and everything grew dark.
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