Out Of Hell!

1012 Words
It was few hours before the partial eclipse, yet it was dark and windless and as predicted the city was awfully quiet. But, underneath the prominent furtive bungalow there was a faint umbra of a person chained like the crucified Christ gasping for breath. she was being flogged by an aggressive man. The whips was hard on her skin. Making blood spills out of it. Her hair was unravel and was strip of her cloth that’s if she had one. She was weak yet strong. Her cries were muffled. The pains in her eyes weren’t mistaken. But there was nothing she could do. “Isn’t that enough, Lucas.” Lucas shot him a stare and continue whipping her hard. “She’s my slave, my property. I know how to handle it. Leave Green, if you can’t take the sight.” “I can’t believe you still have a weak heart after all you have seen here.” “But..” “Is this the first time you’re seeing this.” Green shook his head in negation, she has been chained here ever since he began working for Lucas. She has been in his custody. Green nodded and began walking away from the basement. He works under Lucas as a paranormal researcher, an intern he was. And the last thing he would do was to get involved with Lucas when he’s in a mood. But the girl, he felt for her.. He had to do something now. Since it would be partial eclipse in a few hours, this was his chance. He had to let her go.... He turned back and began walking towards the table Lucas kept his equipment. The only chance he’s got, the only thing he’s gonna do. He hunkered down beside the table so he was not seen by Lucas. And began filling a syringe after several mixture. Lucas dropped the whip. Glancing around if he could see Green, he didn’t. “He chicken out..” Tsk tsk. He clicked his tongue, pulling he hand gloves off his hands, hurled it in a waste bin. He walked out.. Green crawled out of his hiding, clutch tight to the syringe. And began walking towards the girl. Her head was hanging down. She had her eyes closed and instead of tears blood were dripping down her cheeks. He inserted the syringe in her shoulder and empty the liquid in it. She didn’t move a bit, thinking it was still Lucas. “It’s better this way, it’s better you live this way than what will happen to you if Lucas get here first before the partial eclipse” His voice was low, whispering in her ear. “Though it won’t be enough, it’s better than living as a full demon..” Her eyes snapped opened immediately he said that, she turned, twisting with the chains to get a glimpse of the face but he was gone. There was no one here. She turned again, the chains wrapped around her. Where’s he? **** Hours later, couple of minutes before the partial eclipse.... She felt something circulating in her system, was it because of the injection she was given a while ago. Her head began spinning and she shuddered vigorously. What is happening to her, she could feel her body changing into something she could decipher, something larger and frightening. She roared out loudly, turning and twisting with the chains. “aargh.’’ She bawled. Her veins were prodding out. She screamed violently, what the hell is she turning into?. “Aargh!” She screeched. The door cracks opened, revealing a man in his late forties, with a surgical box. Which was no other than Lucas. A woman was beside him, having similar wicked smirk on her face with Lucas. She flicks the light on. “What is wrong with her?’’She whispered in his ear but her eyes were fixed on the girl who was now panting heavily. “It wasn’t supposed to be happening now” she panicked. “I don’t know’’ He whispered back, Taking several steps towards the table. Checking the equipment, where is it, the liquid he was supposed to give her before the partial eclipse. It wasn’t here. Oh no Green. He couldn’t have done that right? “You were supposed to’’ “I think someone came here before we did, he changed everything, just that little thing he did, ruin our plan for years.” His voice was shaken. The confidence look he had on was gone. “Who was it, it couldn’t be a ghost or an angel.” He shot her a stare. “Don’t tell me Green did..ha!” “Keep quiet Anika!’’. Then she began screaming, wrestling with the chains, her face was covered with her prodding veins, her pupil began changing, it changed from her sea blue eyes to black colouring the white as well. The box fell from his hands, then he swallowed the lump in his throat. “Lucas what are we going to do’’ “There’s nothing we can do anymore it’s already eclipse, all we have to do right now is..” Completely engulfed in fear. “...Escape!” He whispered yelled. The chains broke. Losing her, She jumped down to the ground. Lucas ran to the door but bumped into Anika and they both crushed to the ground. The bulb holding the light went and they struggled to get to the door first since the room has returned to darkness. A devilish smirk appeared on her lips as she triumphantly trode towards them. They jerk up and tried opening the door but it was bolted. “Did you bolt the door’’ He screamed on her face. “I did…I don’t know. “ “Do something lucas’’ “What should I do?’’ “Think lucas think’’ He shakes his head and cold shivers ran down his spine. when he felt her beside Anika pulled her closer and dug her curvy fingers into her eye it moved deeper until she pulled out an eye… “It over! We are so dead.’’….
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