The Panties

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My first day wasn't to bad. I didn't interact with Markus much but we did make eye contact once or twice and I feel like he was glaring at me both times. I had the day off today since he called and told me he wasn't coming into the office, which was fine with me. Lucky for me Dee was off as well and we went to lunch. I told her what I remembered about the night I slept with him and what he said the next morning in his office. She was just as insulted as I was if not more. "What an ass!" "Right!?" "I mean...I just...I don't have the words." She said taking a bite out of her burger, I nodded in agreement. "I didn't expect anything to come out of it, nor did I expect to say what I said. I was just so angry." Dee shook her head, "No, don't do that. Don't feel bad for putting him in his place and not putting up with those comments." I sighed and leaned back in my chair. She was right, I do that a lot. I always feel bad when I yell at someone or call them out on their s**t even if they deserve it. "Yea, he deserved it." She nodded and shoved a handful of fries in her mouth. For the next three hours we talked about work, mostly hers. We talked about some guy she thought was cute and about Markus, even though I didn't want to. She kept saying he was a jerk but he was cute. I replied with things like 'being cute doesn't give you the right to be a jerk' or 'cute doesn't excuse poor personality.' Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! I looked at my phone. It was Markus. Why was he calling me? Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! I sighed and mouthed his name to my friend and she rolled her eyes as I swiped to answer the phone. Before I could even say hello he started speaking, "I need you to come to the office. We need to talk and I have some things for you to put in order for me." Then he hung up. He demanded I come to the office and hung up. Half of me wanted to just not go out of spite because of how rude about it he was but the other half realized this was my job and I sort of needed it if I wanted to get where I was trying to go in life. "I gotta go. He needs me at the office." I got up to leave and began pulling out cash to pay for my half of the bill. "No, I got it this time." I hesitated, mentally asking if she was sure by just staring at her and she nodded. "OK, I'll see you tonight." She smiled and waved as I passed her and out the door. *** I made it to the office in twenty minutes. I paid the taxi and headed inside. I wasn't really wearing work attire but I assumed he wanted me there ASAP so I wasn't going to waste time changing. I took the elevator to the top floor and stepped out when it opened. I greeted a few work friends as I passed their desk making my way to Markus's office. I knocked and opened the door. Stepping forward and closed the door behind me. "You wanted to see me?" Without saying a word he opened his desk drawer and pulled out a pair of black lacy underwear. Not just any black lacy underwear. My black lacy underwear! I was speechless, I didn't know what he expected me to say or do. Honestly I had forgotten I left them. He stood from his chair and walked around his desk. Walking across the room, stopping when we were only a few inches from me, he lifted my hand and placed my underwear in my hand. "Thanks for the token but I think you need it more than me." He said with a smirk, finally showing emotion in his face. I cleared my throat, "Um..thanks. I couldn't reach them so I left them. Didn't really leave them as a token.." I said shoving them in my purse. He was still smirking, eyes never left my face. I must have been blushing so hard because he chuckled. Confused I crossed my arms watching him sit back in his seat, "What's so funny?" "Nothing, you are just....interesting." "Interesting how?" He sighed, "I need you to make reservations at Ekko. One for tonight, the other for this Saturday and the other for next Saturday. Also, the next time my mother calls about lunch. Tell her I can't make it, I don't like to have those conversations with her." He changed the subject, very skillfully I might add. I just nodded and turned to the door. "Interesting like interesting." I paused but didn't turn around. What does that even mean? I turned the door nob and closed the door behind me. I moved towards my desk and picked up the phone. You wouldn't think making reservations to a popular restaurant would be impossible, said no one ever. It took me at least three hours to talk them into bumping a few reservations and give them to Markus. It wasn't until I mentioned him by name, full name that they were happy to do it. So, I made his stupid reservations, even though he didn't give me a time, I made them all for 9 pm for all three. I didn't know what they were for nor did I care. I made the notes of them in my planner I kept in the drawer for his activities. I threw it back in my drawer and picked up the phone again this time I just pushed the button that connected me directly to his office. "Yes, Janice?" "I made those reservations for you, 9 pm for all three. Was there anything else you needed?" "No. You can go home Janice." "Ok, goodnight." I said before hanging up, I glanced into his office from my chair and saw him hang the phone back on the hook. He was reading a pile of papers probably a manuscript. Oh, how I wished it were mine but I'd have to wait. Of course I only got the job to get into the writing business but I can't just throw my book ideas and written pages at him my first day. I pulled my purse over my shoulder and made my exit. I didn't waste any time in case he changed his mind or remembered something he needed me to do. It was already later than I expected but I was fine with it since I had half the day off anyway. I stood on the curb trying to call for a taxi but none stopped. Now I've only been in New York for, I don't know, almost 6 years and I have never had this much trouble calling for a taxi. I sighed giving up and deciding to walk home when I heard my name. I turned to see Markus standing at the top of the steps. I watched as he practically skipped down them. Great, what did he want? More work for me to do? "I can take you home." He said just as a shiny Chrysler pulled up in front of us. A man got out of the front seat and handed the keys to Markus and made his way back into the building. Markus opened the passenger door for me to get in but I just stood there. "No thanks. I can walk." I said and began to walk int he direction of my apartment. "You can't walk. Alone. In the dark. In New York City." I paused, he was right. It was dangerous but at the same time I didn't want to get in the car with him. I turned, "Fine." I reluctantly got in the car and he closed it after me. He carefully crossed the front of the car and got in. The car started but you couldn't tell until he put the gear in drive and drove away from the curb. The ride was silent besides me telling him how to get to my place. I just stared out the window, watching the many people walking out on the street. Even after all these years it still amazes me how many people are out at night in the city. "Look, I'm sorry about what I said yesterday. I didn't mean to offend you. It's just something most girls expect and that's not what I'm about." He said breaking the silence which I was enjoying, for the most part. I sighed "I'm not most girls. Like I said it isn't something I do. I didn't expect anything either. It was a one time thing. I didn't even expect to see you again." I said not turning toward him. "So we're good?" This made me turn. "How do you mean?" "We're good? There's no issues anymore? My offending you won't cause problems at work?" I blinked at him dumbfounded. He thinks because he insulted me that I'll put my job on the line just to make his life a living hell? I began to chuckle, I don't know why since I was even more offended and pissed than before. He looked at me confused for a second then began laughing as well thinking all was good until I stopped, "Let me get this straight. You were only apologizing so I wouldn't screw you over somehow? You really think you insulting me is worth that to me? You do realize this is my job we are talking about. My job would be on the line if I did something like that." I chuckled again, "I actually thought you were apologizing to me. Like genuinely," "I didn't," "Stop the car. My apartment is right here." I said and he stopped. I got out the car and slammed the door. He rolled down the window in a final attempt explain but I didn't let him, "I will see you at work tomorrow, Mr. Turner." I said and went inside.
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