My Boss & Me


Janice has just landed a job as a secretary for the son of a well known and respected publisher, Markus Turner. This isn't her dream job but this is her foot in the door.

The problem is Janice and Markus may have had a one night stand before her first day.

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It's Him
Since as far back as I can remember, for as long as I could read and write, I have wanted to be a writer. Not a journalist or a reporter but a writer of books. I just loved the idea of transporting a person to another world with just words. Seems magical doesn't it? I love that, it sounds like magic but it really isn't. I am Janice Harrison and I want to be a writer. But things don't always work the way we want them to. Right now I am stuck with a secretary job I obtained a couple days ago. I had to wait until the current secretary left before I could start. I haven't met my boss yet and I was so nervous and wrecked about my first day that my friends took me out for drinks to celebrate. Normally I dont drink but I kind of felt like I needed to cut loose. Unfortunately I must have cut loose a little too much be cause I did something I would never do. I slept with someone and it was clear that there were no attachments because when I woke up this morning he was gone and I was left alone in his apartment with a note: 'Had a nice night. Made coffee, please lock the door on your way out. Thank you.' That was it. I dont even remember his name! How drunk was I? Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! What is that? Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Shit! My phone! I threw the covers off of me and scrambled around looking for it. I found it under one of the pillows just before it hung up and answered it. "Hey gurrrl! How was your night?!" My best Friend, Dee short for Delilah which she hates. She sounded like she knew exactly where I was and what happened last night. "Honestly, I have no idea. I feel like an i***t!" I said grumpy as I walked around trying to find my clothes and put them on piece by piece. "Come on, you had fun! Everyone has had a one nighter." She said with a giggle. I scoffed at her comment as I climbed on the bed and stretched for my underwear, which somehow ended up on his ceiling fan. "Well I don't and I don't like it by the way. I dont like waking up in a strange house not knowing who I was with or where I am. I dont like having to go through a damn scavenger hunt to find my damn clothes!" I said huffing and giving up on the undies. "Chill girly, you are fine..wait don't you have a new job to get to?!" I took the phone away from my face and looked at the time, 8:30. "s**t. I had half an hour to get dressed, get home, change and make it to the office. Why does this happen to me!?" "It happens to a lot of girls, hun." Just then I heard a honk outside the window. I climbed off the bed and saw by friend waving her arm out her car window, "Let's go b***h, you gotta work!" I smiled "Did you bring underwear!" I yelled back and she only gave me a thumbs up. Of course she did. b***h was sort of an endearing term to Dee, I don't know why but that's what she's always called me since high school. We've been friends since she moved next door to my childhood home at the end of our middle school lives. We bonded over being totally ready to be treated like adults in highschool and bonded even more when we realized that wasn't going to happen. My parents would say she was a bad influence on me in high school but I like to think I was a good influence on her. When we started highschool she wasn't even thinking about going to college for any reason. Now we have both graduated from NYU, me with a masters in literature and her with a degree in digital design. She has a job working for a great advertising company and I still haven't even reached my dream yet. So as far as I'm concerned, we were supposed to be in each others lives. I looked back at my underwear on the ceiling fan, "Guess you belong to him now." I wrote a quick note back to him, 'Thank for the coffee and the nice night.' then left. I jumped in the back seat of Dee's car ad she drove off. I had to get dressed in the car. Luckily my hair is the type you can comb without it being wet and I don't wear make up except lip stick. I made it to work just in time. I waved goodbye to my friend and headed inside. I was greeted by the current secretary who was showing me around for the day and introducing me to my new boss. First the tour. This place was huge, I mean I expected it to be but on the inside its much bigger. Every department has its own floor, its amazing. The secretary wasn't very chatty about anything other than what was important to my job, which I didn't mind since I'm not much for small talk. I followed her in silence and asked questions when I needed to. Then it happened, I saw him. You know those scenes in movies where the hot girl is somehow always walking in slow motion? Well that's how this happened. Our eye's met and he looked confused as to why I was there, which was my exact reaction as well. He was talking to another, older man when my tour guide saw him as well. "Ah, Mr. Turner! We were just about to come find you." She turned to me, again in slow motion and said, "This is your new secretary, Janice Harrison." Shit! f**k! What do you do when you slept with your boss the night before meeting him and left your underwear at his apartment! s**t! To my surprise he stuck out his hand and smiled, "Hello Miss. Harrison. Its nice to finally meet you. This is my father, Gregory Turner." I took his hand then his father's and returned it back to my side, "Nice to meet you but please call me Janice." I said with a small smile. Did he not even remember my face because I remember his, very, very well. Almost more than I want to anymore. "Well, I will show her up to the office and get her settled before heading out." "Of course Miss. Jones." And we were off. Miss. Jones showed me around the floor I would be on. Showed me my 'office' and Mr.Turners office. It wasn't much of an office for me rather than a room inside a room, I guess. My desk was just outside of an office but it had a sort of glass walls and a door that pretty much stayed open. "Well that's pretty much everything!" She said finally as she picked up he purse from my desk. "Good luck." See said and I smiled in response and I was left to my own thoughts. Would he fire me because of this? Would he think I knew who he was and slept with him to get ahead? No, I got the job before I even slept with him. But his old secretary interviewed me and I told her about my writing dreams. I'm sure I was over thinking this but I couldn't help it. Ring! Ring! Ring! The phone rang shaking me out of my thoughts. I quickly answered it without thinking, "Mr. Turner's office, how can I help you?" "Yes, can you remind my son that he has a lunch with his mother and that she would like him to be on time." An older woman's voice was on the other line. "Um, yes ma'am. I will give him the message." "Thank you. Goodbye." Click! I put the phone back on the hook and wrote down the message before I could forgot. "Janice." I looked up from my notepad to see Mar..I mean Mr.Turner standing at his door. "Could we talk in my office for a moment?" I nodded and stood up taking the notepad with me. I followed him into the office and he closed the door behind me. He motioned me to take a seat and I did, crossing one legs over the other. He made his way to the opposite side of the desk and sat in the leather chair. He sighed "I..." I cut him off, " Before you say anything. I didn't know you were my new boss. I honestly didn't even remember anything about last night, except your face, until just a few minutes ago. I was just stressed about this job and I drank a little too much, which is not a normal thing for me at all and I don't plan on doing it again for a very long time." He let a slight smirk spread on his face, "Really, you didn't remember anything? At all?" I shook my head. "I would be hurt, if I cared. I know it may be hard for you to separate your feeling from the job but please try and do so." I blinked confused, "Excuse me?" "Well, women tend to get their feelings hurt with one night stands thinking it could lead to something more, but it won't." He motioned between us, "This isn't a 'thing', OK?" I stood up and cleared my throat. "I am sorry, Mr. Turner but whatever last night was to you, is exactly what it was for me except worse. For me it was a mistake that I will not be repeating in the future. I hadn't even expected, or wanted to see you again. I have much more important things in my life to look forward to and dream about and having anything more than a one night stand with you is not one of them. Now if you'll excuse me." I moved around the chair and made my way to the door. "Oh, also. Your mother called to remind you not to be late for your lunch with her." I said opening the door and letting it slam closed. How dare he?! I am not some ditsy stupid woman who thinks a relationship can grow out of a purely physical attraction and action. What an arrogant jerk, thinking just because a woman slept with you that she is automatically thinking about her future with you! I took my seat at the desk again and turned on the computer. As it fired up I looked through the planner Miss. Jones had already been taking care of. He had a lot of things booked for the next month already! He's a busy guy. I suddenly came to the realization that I just yelled at my boss, and slammed his door! Well he did kind of disserve it. I looked through the planner, he had a few meetings this morning before his lunch with his mother, then a few more after. Then he had a party, probably some kind of promotional thing. I began wondering if I'd have to go to that, I hope not. "Excuse me, I'm here to see Mr. Turner about a book?" I looked up to see a woman, a little older than me standing in front of my desk. She didn't seem too confident about what she said. I smiled, "Did you have an appointment?" I asked and she nodded, "Mary. Mary Burman? It should be on there. We talked on the phone a couple weeks back and this was the only time he had available for me." She said as I looked at the planner again. She was the first meeting of the day and I sighed picking up the phone and pushed the button that went straight to his office. "Yes." "There's a Miss. Burman here to see you." "Send her in." Click I smiled at the woman again and led her to the office, opening the door for her and closing it once she was inside.

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