23: Avery

1513 Words

I felt safe here, squished in the middle of three giant Alpha men. They were warm and inviting, I could easily reach other and derive pleasure from their bodies, but instead I lay still in the comfort of their steady breathing, knowing that no one would tear me from their grasp. As relaxed as they were, I knew none of them were sleeping just yet. So much had happened in the last few days, and they deserved to know everything, but where do I even start? I took a deep breath and moved closer to Gabriel, who was snuggling me from the right, feeling his arm wrap around my waist. It was comforting, and I felt my muscles relax. "Guys," I began quietly, "I need to tell you something." They all turned to look at me, concern etched on their handsome faces. I took another deep breath. "I...I'm n

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