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"There, the voice." I said urgently as Roman and Gabriel gathered around me. "It's her, I'm telling you. It's her." Gabriel looked at me, "Roman, go get Isabella. We need her help." Isabella was a trusted witch, in our inner circle. Our inside group has various supernaturals, but Isabella used to be my favorite. Until I f****d her. It got a bit messy. "Do you have to get her? Can you get Isla?" "Just cause you stuck your d**k in her, doesn't mean the rest of us can't use her. She's the most powerful witch we have here. Suck it up." Roman snickered under his breath as he slammed the door shut. "The only reason I'm agreeing is because this is Avery and I want her to be safe. Let's be clear, I'd rather stick hot toothpicks in my eyes than meet with Isabelle again. But since I can't loca

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