21: Braden

1721 Words

Amrin was a tough son of a b***h, but without sleep and food, he was easy enough to subdue. Locking him away in the back of my mind was the first step once I was in control. The second was stuffing back a shot of wolfsbane. If I could keep him quiet and pliable, he won't interfere with my plans for Avery. i***t. He wanted to dote on her, love her. Love is weakness. No woman deserves to be loved on. They need to stay in their place. Bleeders. Cleaners. Breeders. I was about to get what was mine after she stupidly lost my child, when lo-and-behold, the Council had to show up at juuuuust the right time. Assholes. Who needed a group of stuffy old wolves making rules and shoving them down our throats? Out of touch, the lot of them. Sitting in this room with them was nothing short of torture. A

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