20: Avery

1738 Words

After that whirlwind of a strange, yet enlightening dream, I was unceremoniously dumped on my ass, back in the cave, just as I was promised. Walking out into the densely treed forest, I palmed the Spirit Stone in my hand. A loud roar nearby indicated a waterfall was close, and it called to me. Heeding its summon, I dove right in the shimmering pool beneath the falls. The Stone started whispering, glowing brightly as the wind picked up around me. Holding up to the sun, it swirled with life before flying straight into my chest. Shock ran through my body as it absorbed into my skin, setting fire to my nerves, not in a painful way, but in a pleasing, warm sensation that filled me with peace and a sense of knowing. As I emerged from the pool, my body felt lighter, as though I could almost floa

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