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After hours of sitting in the car finally, it came to stop. One girl said," finally we arrived." The patient looked out and saw an abandoned building .one man got out of the car and said to the patient "here is your new beginning". The girl Shivered in the cold and got down from the car. She was hearing a noise inside the abandoned building.     The patient was taken to the darkroom. A blonde girl came to her, gave her a cloth, and told her to change it. The patient silently took the cloth and started changing it. After a few minutes of waiting the blonde girl came and she looked at the patient and smile" you are the first person who does not cry or scream in this situation. Who are you? What is your name? “The patient kept silent. The blonde girl said, "my name is R. It is nice meeting with you" and then she started applying makeup on the patient.   "Do you know you have a very pretty eye? These dresses look so good on you. I must say I am impressed". Then after doing some makeup, she left. Then another man came and took the patient into a large room. This room was filled with lots of girls. Some were crying and others were checking their makeup. When the patient entered all of them looked into her. The beauty of her eyes mesmerized them all. later one by one the girls left this room. They entered into some kind of auditorium.   A man came up to her and said " you must do some act to have someone. The higher the price you get; the chances of your freedom are more." The girl stood silent. She was the last one to enter that auditorium. After entering into the auditorium spotlight was falling on her. She stood there and did nothing then a voice came over and said “good evening gentlemen. As you can see this is our last auction girl. She is a very beautiful woman and she will perform; she will do the dance performance. They started to have very beautiful music. The music was so soothing. At the first beat, the girl did not dance but in the chorus, she started dancing in a beat. Everyone was mesmerized by dance moves. At the end of the performance, everyone just remains silent. Again a voice came and said, "Now our action began "the bidding started with 1500 million the bidding continued for about an hour. There was one person who bid 1trillion. Everyone was shocked because this is the first time someone wastes so much money on a girl. But the buyer didn't even think about it.   The girl was taken from the auditorium into new room. Then the blonde girl came and said “Congress girl. You just rock it. I know you can do that but the moves. Oh my God!!! It's The Killer move. Then she gave me some clothes and said to change into them. The girl again changed into that dress. After taking shower, she saw two men come. They took her away. They took her to the car and made her sit in the car. The driver started the engine and took her away.   After hours of driving, the girl came to a different place, which was sounding like a forest. she didn't know where she was. She just looked out the window and saw a large gate standing before her. After some beeping sound, the car enters the area. she was getting Goosebumps all over her body but still, she remained silent. After some time the car stopped in front of a mansion. She got down from the car and looked at the house.     She was standing before it. It is a very beautiful mansion built with the red brick red color into black. There was a statue of an angel in the middle of the mansion. Two women came down from the stairs. The first one was middle age and another was in early 20. They looked at the girl and asked, “who is she?" The driver said he didn't know .he was just following the orders of the Master." the two women become shocked and ask if the master said to take the girl? The driver said, "yes” they took the patient inside and introduced themselves.     The middle-aged woman named Alina but I told her to call AD and the younger said to call Her mini. They asked for that girl's name but the girl did not say anything. They could not make the girl talk at all. After some try, they left the girl to her device. And left for what they have to do. The girl looked into the room and saw a very beautiful bedroom. The bed was made by Ivory and decorated with white. The whole room was decorated in black. The girl took off her shoes and dropped into the bed. She fell into a deep slumber she did not know how many hours had passed .when she woke up she saw food was in front of a table. She took some food and started eating them. After few minutes, Ad entered into the room she said the master had come and asked for her. The girl just stared at the Ad. Ad took her to another bedroom. There was a smoke scent all over the room. Ad made her stand in the room and left the room. She heard noise from somewhere. The girl looked towards it and found a man was sitting on a chair. She could not see anything as it was a very dark room and he was smoking heavily. The man said, "Come closer" and that voice made her shivered in different ways. She went near him and stood near the table. The man asked, "What’s your name?" After 2 years, this was the first time the girl wanted to say something but she just kept staring at him. "Seems like you don't have a name. Well, I will give you one. From now on, you are my black rose. A rose that only blooms for me and will only seek me." That's how the man chains the girl to him. And the story of ROSE began..........
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