Endless Black

enimies to lovers

"Stop; please stop.” I begged but no one is merciful enough to listen to me.

From then on, I lost my power to speak; as no one is going to listen.


When I saw her black eyes, I was lost in its depth. It is like a black hole. It consumes you. I was consumed by her. However, later I understood how much darkness there in those black eyes of her. But it's already too late. I am poisoned by her. But I want revenge from her. She has to pay for what she did.

Both have their reason to hate each other. Will there be any love? Will this love have a happy ending? Or will it turn into another tragedy? To know please try this new book?

It contains violence and how a girl overcomes it. It is not all about happy cute love. Moreover, that girl went through a lot. So please try to understand her and the reason behind her silence.

It takes time to heal our pain so be patient with it.

*****mature contain and dark theme *****

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I ran and ran but the darkness seemed endless. Then suddenly I fell upon the hard concrete road. My knees were injured. My head hurts like hell but footsteps behind me keeps me moving. But I knew I would be caught by them. After 2 minutes, which seemed an eternity, they caught me.   I cried. I screamed but no one listened. I begged but no one was kind enough to give me mercy. They ripped my dress; threw my shoes; held my hand and pushed themselves over me. I became numb to pain. I became numb to biting; stretching, and penetrating. My tears that fell like a waterfall became frozen. I remembered each of their faces. I remembered each of their breaths. I remembered each thrust. I will remember until death.   ◇◇◇ 2 years later◇◇◇ "is she still not talking" "No. why are we here doing this s**t?" "It looks like we are watching doll" "sush dr. might hear you" "Let him listen" "Jack ... please stops” "Good morning Helena and jack" dr. Neil said after entering the cabin. "Good morning Dr. Neil" smile Helena "Good morning Dr. Neil” jack signed. "Why are you sighing?" Neil asked. "She has not spoken for 2 years. No response; no emotion. It’s like she is a doll," Jack said. “I know. But we have to do our job." Dr Neil said. "And we do our job fine but the patient isn't cooperative," Jack said. Neil took a file of the patient and looked into it. Hum... The picture of this patient is nice. Anyone who sees it will fall for her. However, she does not speak or do anything... "Ok guys. Let’s take her out with us” "What?” both Helena and Jack screamed? "Yes. We will take her to the ocean side as her family already gives approvals” "Ok" they both agree. The next day Helena informed the patient about it and left. The patient was sitting in an armchair looking out of the window and saw a bustling city down below. Never in a million year, had she thought that this outing would change her life upside down. She looked at the city and wished to die. But those numerous cuts in wrists won't let her die... She was imprisoned in this prison call hospital for 2 years but still has not improved. Those offenders are all dead but the pain is still oozing out from her heart.   The next day the patient woke up and saw him "hi; how are you"? Smile doctor Neil but she kept silent. Like a still doll, "well we will be going out today. You have to get ready". She looked out the window and kept looking out into the bustling city. "I wish I would know what it is you want to say. But don't worry even if it takes time you must open up one day." Dr. Neil said. The patient remained silent. Getting ready was a hassle but still, Helena helped the patient. The patient was still looking outside. Helena asked, "What are you looking at? '' The patient looked at Helena and just stared at her. The girl was wearing a white dress. She was looking like an angel but in the corner of her heart, the darkness remains. Why is God cruel to never bestow her happiness?         The sound of the ocean was so calming that it washed away the pain in her heart. Will she ever find happiness in this life? Helena; Jack and Dr Neil are looking out for her. She was stepping into the cold water and retreating. Suddenly the phone rang, Dr Neil looking at the phone and becoming irritated. Nevertheless, excused himself. Helena and Jack started talking with each other. Soon Jack's phone also rang and he took the phone and started talking with the other person on phone. Then suddenly Doctor Neil called both Helena and Jack. They were so immersed in talking that they did not see the patient already leaving the place and headed toward the unknown .when they finally realized that the patient already left, it was too late. They became so afraid but they cannot do anything. On the other hand, the patient was walking aimlessly. At some point, she felt tired and sat down. She kept looking into the ocean after hours 3 people came to her and asked "who are you? Are you lost? Are you alone? “But she didn't say anything. One thought maybe she could not talk. Another one said, “it is good news." There is one girl, who pulled the patient and started walking. The girl remained silent. The girl took her and put the patient into the car. Maybe it was the starting of her journey.     After 2 hours...     Hello, my dear readers. Please comment and let me know what you think of my story.❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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