wild thoughts

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“have you gave her that presents?” Cassius sat in his chair, playing with the whiskey glass in his hand “don't tell me you haven't” he said sharply with a threatening tone “Well, you're lucky because Tatiana has her size and what's luckier is that she is a regular customer to your best friend's boutique so she knows her favorite clothes” Carlos grumbled as he kept a portrait on the table “Here, I've left the presents along with a bouquet of flowers to the receptionist “ He hummed in satisfaction “good job” he praised and immediately got up to look outside, right at the jet black twin skyscrapers that blended with the dark night sky “I wonder what she will look like tomorrow night” “Eager, aren't we?” “Mhm” his eyes flashed mischievously “bet she will be absolutely gorgeous and sexy” As always. Seeing her from afar is part of his daily agenda now, he is never satisfied with seeing her and really wants to approach her immediately but Carlos, his right hand man, doesn't let that happen because he is worried that she will be scared or worse, hate him. So he has to be patient and take it slow. He groaned “thinking about her makes me frustrated” his hand put the whiskey glass down in the table and took the portraits of Arabella which was taken by his men today “I'm desperate to a woman I just met” Carlos Sneered. That's only natural, because in the past he used to mock Carlos or his friends when they were desperate by a woman they met at La Cuna — his exclusive nightclub and said they were so pathetic, then he felt it himself and he hated it — hated that he had to wait so long for get what he wants, her. “Let's go to La Cuna” He needs more than drinks to distract his mind, he needs to stop thinking about his new target — it won't be healthy for him. That is unhealthy, but it makes him very excited. . La Cuna is always full of influential and respected groups of people who like to party and spend fantastic sums of money in just one night, they are willing to spend that much money for the fun they get but of course everything that his nightclub has to offer is always the best, it is worth it — makes anyone will be amazed the first time they set foot here and always want to come back every day after. Unfortunately, it is not just anyone who can enter his nightclub, most of them are politicians, businessmen, mafia or people from other elite circles. Those who make it into La Cuna either sign up to become their member or get a special invitations — the difference is that whoever gets an invitations will be placed in the premium class and get special treatment with priority service. It was amazing, creating a nightclub like that gave him a very lucrative and unexpected advantage — he could become close to people in very influential positions. Not only that, he also created other nightclubs, where everyone was free to come in and out. He didn't mean to discriminate, he just wanted to provide good service to his VVIP guests — which would give him an advantage. His eyes stared straight at the main door of the La Cuna building which was filled with many luxury cars carrying many people, men in casual clothes and women in evening gowns with thick make-up were seen crowding in front of the entrance — he didn't mind the crowd calling his name and staring at him adoringly as he continued walking for his room. His room is upstairs, it has a large glass window with a view of the dance floor — he can monitor the nightclub from his room. As soon as Carlos opened the door, there were already some of his friends along with the ladies and drinks. Perfect. He took a seat and took a drink, but then his eyes narrowed when he saw someone very familiar. It is Arabella. “Why do I see her wherever I am?” he murmured, he felt crazy because thinking Arabella was standing near the dance floor with a man who gripped her wrist tightly and Carlos giggled beside him, amused to hear him says that “but I don't like this, now she is seen with another men — I hate it” “Boss, I don't think you will like this more” he scanned the room and found the woman he wanted was indeed there, they seemed to have an argument but the man's hand didn't let her go “Miss Arabella is indeed here and she is with someone” He stared at her and continued to watch her, his woman's face hardened — she was angry at the man in front of her, as evidenced by her seeming to scream loudly even though her voice was not heard due to the loud music that filled the room. While he could not see the man who was with her because his back faced to him. At first he felt enough to see them from a distance until the man's hand strangle her neck and squeezed it, it made him very angry and stormed out of his room — ignoring Carlos and his friends who were calling his name loudly. “I wouldn't touch a beautiful woman that rough if I were you” he says as he stands behind a strangled man Arabella “she is too precious to be hurt, isn't she?” “If I were you, I will not interfere in other people's business” he hissed, annoyed by his sudden arrival “and this slut deserve it, please mind your own business, get lost” “You must have a death wish — touch her like that again and I'll kill you, boy” he says dangerously “she is mine” “Oh, will you? Because the last time I checked, she belonged to someone else and petty threats don't do s**t, man. They just piss me off more” he removed his grip from Arabella and gave Cassius a murderous look — making a low, dark chuckle escape his mouth and he couldn't help but beat him mercilessly. Bloods poured from his mouth and nose — he was already battered and pitiful, but he had no desire to stop. Not after what he did and said to Arabella. “Watch you mouth, is that how talked to your superior?” he asked venomously as he stood up and stared smugly at the man below him, ignoring Arabella who was staring at him in shock with both hands covering his mouth, as well as the group of people who had stopped dancing wildly who were now looking at him with fear “get it done, boys” His men approached the man as he dragged Arabella away to his room “and you come with me” “No” she answered boldly “I'm not going with you anywhere and I won't be grateful because I don't need your help, I can sort it out myself” So bold and seductive. Shh, he's excited just because she's like this. Oh how he wants to throw her to his bed, pinned her down and make her scream his name, begging him all nights. If only he could do what on his minds now. "A little thank you won't hurt you, sweetheart" he stopped in the dark hallway that led to his room, with his hands planted on either side of her — imprisoning her. "Oh yeah?" her eyes narrowed, looked slightly annoyed by him “is that really necessary? Because I know you do that to get into my pants, get lost you prick” Is she always like this when she's drunk? Well, if so, that excited him a lot — she was like a lioness who was hard to tame.
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