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“You're in my way, Millie” Bella hissed as she threw a scornful look at a girl her age who prevented her from going deeper into the house “get out of the way” she said harshly as she rammed her step sister's shoulder hard and harshly. "What are you doing here, b***h?" Millie hissed “Millie honey, you can't be like that to your step sister” she stopped when she heard the voice of the person she hated so much and made her want to throw up — her stepmother, Keily Dawson was at the end of the stairs looking at her disdainfully “at least you should give her a warm welcome because he just returned home after five years of not coming home” Hearing that made her snort sarcastically and look at her stepmother with disdain “Ah, it turns out I've been gone that long” she replied dramatically “no wonder you look even more wrinkled — I even doubt that you are my stepmother, I thought you were my grandmother” Her stepmother's face turned red with anger, but before she retaliated and cursed at her another voice interrupted them “That's enough, Arabella” her father's baritone voice entered her eardrums, making her immediately turn around and look at him coldly “Come with me to my study” he ordered as he walked away, away from her to enter his study. “So what do you want now?” she asked as he sat down in the chair, her red eyes looking straight into her father's green eyes even though she didn't want to look at them — hell, she didn't even want to come to the house she had lived in when his mother was alive. Now everything feels different, feels empty. “Until when are you going to use the name Genesis?” his voice was cold with a piercing look “you are my daughter, daughter of Shephard Dawson — but you stupidly use your mother's name” She knew very well that Dawson's name was also an influential name, but her mother's surname was far more influential than his. She let out a chuckle and answered nonchalantly “using the big name Genesis gives me many advantages, including gaining the support of the powerful Lady Cartier” Hearing that name made his father's eyes sparkle, Cartier's name is a familiar name to everyone but unfortunately not everyone can enter her circle — especially now that rumors are circulating that she is a woman of a mafia lord, making her surrounding environment very strict because of her overprotective man. . “Still, you are my daughter no matter what” “No, I'm not your daughter after you brought that damn woman into the house — I decided to walk away and pretend you never existed after that” she hissed coldly “after all you never looked for me before my name skyrocketed because of my company — Briar Holdings is mine and you have to stop trying to take it from me” “You're my daughter” he said with great stress “which means I should also have power over Briar Holdings, be a dutiful daughter and let me merge our family company and yours — think about it, we're going to be a family that owns a big company that is very influential because of it. “ True, all his father had in mind was that and never about her. The Dawson Group is something big and a holdover from previous generations of the Dawson family, but her Holding company is something even bigger — with many companies all over the world under the company, even now she owned a famous boutique that previously managed by her mother too. “My decision is final — I won't agree with your wish to merge with my company” she replied as she stood up, ready to leave until he speak with a cold voice “Don't let me ask Maverick to take care of you” Hearing that name made her gasp with blank stares ahead — flashbacks of her unpleasant past with her despicable stepbrother made her head throb and she wanted to run away from here, from her own home. Maverick is her nightmare and she doesn't want to have anything to do with him anymore — f**k sake, she's tried and kept trying to get better by seeing a psychiatrist but she hasn't felt anything change. Maverick Lowell, who has now changed his name to Maverick Dawson, is a handsome man with a muscular body, his jaw is sharp with a deadly looking eyes — he can intimidate those around him without efforts. But what scares her is that he easily turned her into a submissive just to him. “It's up to you — I won't be afraid of Maverick” she hissed and quickly grabbed her bag, about to leave until his father's voice interrupted again “don't let me order him to lock you up and make you his s*x slave again” “I won't be afraid, father — do your worst” . “He screamed at me when I was running” she says, making Anders — her assistant and secretary, glaring at her “also he said I was an insolent child” “Oh don't listen to her miss, he's like that because you're the one that's getting harder and harder to control” he replied softly, trying to calm her down “but is he threatening you or something?” And that made her stunned, that wasn't anything new to her anymore — he always threatened to make Maverick act when she was unruly or threatened to kill her. It really scared her but sadly she couldn't do anything but shut up — but actually she didn't really care about the nonsense her father said, she could careless. “Yeah, as always he did and brought Maverick's name into our conversation — I'm sick of hearing his name” hearing Maverick name made her really sick, besides that she didn't want to see him either — she was very scared of him, afraid of all her bad past repeated again. “Maverick?” he asked quietly with narrowed eyes, as if confirming what he had heard earlier “As if Maverick the famous gang leader?” Yes, that gang leader who is pretentious “the very one” “Holy s**t” he almost screaming “Miss I think now you need someone to take care of you before everything gone worst” Hearing it made one eyebrow raised “what do you mean by that?” Anders sighed softly “boyfriend — you need boyfriend who will take care of you and keep you safe from everything no matter what” “I don't need one” she refused as she opened her bag roughly and pulled her iPad out of there “they'll be annoying — besides I have to find a man like what can match the damned Maverick Lowell?” Right, she could choose any man — let alone a man weaker than Maverick. She must have a lover who is powerful and much more powerful than her stepbrother who is just a gangster leader. Anders suddenly shouted “A MAFIA!” he screams loudly in the car, makes her cover her ears and then glares at him, annoyed. “Yes — a mafia will be your perfect match!” he says hysterically “I should do something to find one for you” No. That's a bad idea. Because how can she go and escape from Maverick who is a jerk and a rapist and fall into the hands of a mafia who kills — she will enters the lion's den. It made no difference if she was with Maverick or that mafia. “Unfortunately I'm a businesswoman — I'm not related to them” she rolled her eyes, not knowing the fate she would face later.
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