The Genesis

1340 Words
He pushed his hips back and forth violently, making the woman under his body screams in pain. No pleasure was felt by him, nor did the woman beneath him — he knew it very well. It's been an hour he's been pumping into the woman under him and he hasn't found his release at all, while the woman has release several times in this hour. She's in pain and he knows it very well — but he doesn't want to stop yet. Damn, the fierce woman who was bumped by the woman he ordered just made him excited but never satisfied. He couldn't forget how she looked, she was very beautiful with black hair and a pair of red eyes almost black eyes, her body was sexy with her flawless white skin. She's perfect in her formal attire — or maybe she's even more perfect when she’s naked and underneath him? Damn, imagining her moaning his name when she was helpless made him very excited. Unknowingly, he pumping harder and harder, making the woman below him scream even louder. He growled and immediately pulled out his member, he sighed as he ruffled his hair in frustration. "Go away" he hissed coldly at the helpless and pained woman on the bed "take your money from Carlos" he said and she picked up her clothes on the floor and left immediately. He leaned back in the chair and sighed loudly as he clenched his fists. The foreign woman's influence was very strong on him — he had to quickly find her and drag her into his bed The sound of a knock on the door made him open his eyes and growl harshly "come in" Carlos came in with two burly men — they didn't show any emotion. "look for the woman Vivian bumped to a few hours ago" he looked at Carlos seriously "I want all the information about her in half an hour" he ordered "Is she dangerous?” Yes very, she is very dangerous for him “Maybe” he replied Carlos immediately lowered his head and left. He better get the woman's information fast or he will punish him. Damn, he had no idea a woman would have this much influence on him. Usually not easily swayed by a woman, yet why was the woman he met a few hours ago able to make him so helpless. He had to have her right away if he didn't want to go crazy. She made something inside of him awaken after a long time — oddly enough he became even more excited too. His adrenaline was racing and something wild inside of him seemed to release and wanted to run at her — claiming her to be his completely. It made him wonder what the foreign woman had that made him interested, very interested. Because he's surrounded by hot women and wears only their undergarments almost every hour of the day — but neither of them makes him like this. His dominant side bounced back instantly just from seeing her — and that wasn't good for him. Because how not? He became passionate about no one, he wouldn't be able to make love to anyone but that woman from now on. Like now, he is still very lustful. But he couldn't satisfy his lust into the woman he summoned — he also doubted that any other woman would be able to satisfy his burning lust now. He was in so much pain but something in his heart seemed to be dancing with joy, as if waiting for something to happen in the next few hours or maybe in days — he don't know. Because he has set in his eyes on her, then he will get what he wants. The woman can't run, not after he's marked her. He would claim her in a moment. But before that, he had to fulfill his desire with his own hands while imagining the woman now. He growled and immediately entered the bathroom — he had to do so pitifully. He promised this would be the last time he would do this, because eventually she would do it for him. . Arabella Briar Genesis Coming from a proud-wealthy Genesis family — Daughter of Ophelia Genesis, a famous British designer who died a few years ago. There is no information about her father, because it seems that she has kept her personal information closed or in other words, she doesn't want everyone to know who her father is. A graduate of Cambridge University with perfect marks, she graduated with honors. Hmm, she’s a beauty with brain. She's perfect. CEO of The Bria Holdings He knows this company very well, a company that was founded five years ago and made it onto the NASDAQ in no time. They are very accomplished and professional in their field. Arabella is the woman behind it, it actually makes quite a bit of sense. Seeing how the woman's demeanor made him understand she was a very perfectionist and hard worker, he thought it was  one of many reasons why The Bria Holdings thrived and became what they are today. It was so amazing “Buy twenty percent of their shares, I want to be on their list of important people” He mumbled and Carlos furrowed his brows "Important person what do you mean?" he asked confused "you want to enter the board of directors?" It actually makes sense, but if he buys a few percent of their shares — Arabella's attention will turn to him even if it's only for a moment and he just wants that, not the board of the company. "No, I just want Arabella to know that I exist," he said irritably, but it was a way of getting her attention. Besides, maybe by buying those shares maybe he'll be able to take her out to dinner one day "You know, what if Arabella thought otherwise?" he asked to the point "like she will suppose you want to kick her from the CEO chair" “No, that's the last thing I want to do” he growls “I mean, well, who wouldn't want to sit in that chair. Hmm, I don't. Because I think Bella is the most worthy person for that position, I will only support her with all my power" he explained at length "No one knows, right, who knows she has a trust issue" he has his point, it can happen because after all she is a woman "moreover, it seems that she has a troubled past, it is proven that there is no father's name. Even her mother's death is still a mystery to this day." “You know, maybe some things are better kept tight. Because maybe that way other people don't try to dig any deeper?” he explained. Well, actually he is quite experienced here, he also often bury things that he thinks are better not known by the public because it will mess up later Being a leader of the underworld of America makes him know a lot of things. Because there were some that were best left floating around, because even if he explained, they would never be satisfied and would continue to dig deeper. Arabella doing this was already like a warning to him not to dig deep or she would have to deal with him. No —he wasn't afraid of her but still in other words, the more it was dug the darker it got — it could also mean they were digging their own graves. He didn't want to die young — at least not before he got Arabella. Knowing that she has a troubled past doesn't make him want to back down, he is even more excited to know all about her. He was getting excited for this. Maybe the real her isn't as fierce as she looks Maybe the Arabella now is the Arabella who fortified herself so strong and tall that she turned into someone else. Maybe.
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