First Meet

518 Words
"How dare trash like you take my money!" she shouted angrily at the beaten middle-aged man in front of her. Right now she was in the VIP room of one of the famous nightclubs in New York, she was deliberately going to teach one of her managers a lesson in this place — teach him a lesson as he was about to having fun — so he won't see her coming The man is a financial manager at her company, he took her money little by little and transferred it to his personal account. But as clever as a squirrel jumps he will fall too, like the battered man before her. She clenched her fist tightly and glared at the man "You’re so ungrateful" she said sharply "rats like you don't deserve to work with me" she didn't care that some women stared at her in disgust and fear. Two big and burly men held the hands of the middle-aged man in front of her. Her maroon eyes looked down at the man "you have a child who is still in elementary school and your eldest child is studying abroad, your wife is waiting for you to come home late at night yet you’re here with a some w***e. You are such a shameless man" she hissed "your behavior is minus because you are too much eat illegal money — my money” She gave the code to the two men who had come with her "Bring him" she said simply and she quickly walked out, mingling with the sea of drunken, sexy-dressed people — they also smell of s*x. She'd probably look very flashy because she came in her work clothes — a dark red spaghetti strap tank top covered by her white coat that she draped over her shoulders, white slacks and six-inch high heels. But she didn't care, she came here to drag one of her employees who stole from her. Luckily, she didn't immediately drag the man to the police station — she thought she was kind enough because she didn't embarrass the man in public and moreover she gave his wife an allowance and guaranteed his children's education until they graduated from college. She walked confidently with her chin raised along with the two big men who were holding the middle-aged man who was disheveled with blood. Some people whispered as se passed and she didn't care — she didn't want to care. It's up to other people what to say about her — she could care less. She kept walking towards the exit until a scantily clad woman bumped into her and spilled a drink on her coat - her drink stained her expensive white coat. She hissed harshly "Watch your step, w***e" she hissed sharply — don't care about women who almost cry and took off her coat — making her only wear a red spaghetti tank top that exposes her smooth white skin as she walked out. Without noticing the man who was with the woman who bumped into her earlier saw her walking away intensely.  
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