3. Alright Then

1102 Words
_________________________ . . . “Alpha, Alpha Covens and his warriors are at the eastern border.” It was three in the morning and Mila was not asleep when she was alerted with this news. She was busy the whole night perfecting the safety measures she was taking to make sure that no innocent wolf got hurt in all the blood bath Alpha Terrence Covens could have planned. Though she really hoped that the challenging would be limited to a duel, she was not going to rule out the possibility of the ruthless Alpha killing anything that stood in the way of him attaining this pack. After all, his pack was called Red River for a reason, though it had no red river in its territory. “Ask them to wait till my arrival.” She said. Her heart was thumping against her rib cage. If they wanted a duel as she had predicted, then all would be fine, but if they were going to attack then there was no way they were going to wait for her to get there. “Are all warriors alert and in position?” “Yes Alpha.” The Deltas of the different units replied in synchrony. “Are all civilians ready for evacuation?” She asked the next unit. “Yes Alpha.” She received positive responses from them as well. And then, she cut off the mind link to the rest of the pack and mind linked just her grandfather. “Are you and Nilo safe?” “Yes honey, now go defend your pack.” That’s all she needed to hear before she rushed out of her office and her home, jumping on to her motorbike and taking off. Warrior wolves joined her as she went and by the time, they had reached the boundary, she had almost all of her warriors with her. Terrence smiled a sick and cruel smile as soon as his eyes fell on his mate. “I see my mate has decided to doll herself up. You must have been desperate for my visit.” Mila narrowed her eyes and then realized that he was referring to her longer hair and curvier frame. Well, when you are trying to prepare your pack against a tyrannical wolf, you forget to watch your diet and maintain your pixie cut, and the extreme amount of training she had done really added mass to the right parts of her body. “Yep, we were super desperate.” Mila was not going to act all refined in front of this wolf like she would in front of other Alphas, because one, she did not think that this wolf deserved to be an Alpha and two, he was her mate – she was the least affected by his domineering presence. “I am sure you are going to love what we have prepared in honor of your arrival.” She tilted her head and lowered her voice as she said it. While all the wolves in the vicinity found her words chilling and dangerous, her mate Alpha Terrence Covens was turned on. Fucking mate bond. Of course it was all the mate bond. You could be at each other’s throat and it would still try to make the mates mark and mate. It really was an inconvenience. “I hope you are ready for a duel, sweetheart.” Terrence bent down to his mate’s level. They had a fairly large height difference. “Because that’s what I have planned for our reunion.” Mila kept her poker face intact. She was not going to show the relief that she felt wash over her when she heard that it will be one on one and her pack members are safe. Even better, she was going to pretend to be a bot shocked, as if she was not expecting it. She believed that it was undignified of a wolf in position to do such tricks but sometimes, one needed to do the things one needed to do to protect the population that depended on her for their safety and survival.     “So be it.” She said after a long pause, a smirk appearing on the ruthless invading Alpha’s face as soon as she said it. “So, where do we rest till the duel, sweetheart?” He smiled his cruel smile. “Naturally, I would think that I will be staying with you.” Gamma Trisha couldn’t help the growl that came out of her throat as soon as she heard it. All the wolves had felt the same anger but they had managed to suppress it but the she-wolf just couldn’t stand how this cruel evil being was trying to insult her best friend and the wolf she respected above all. Terrence smirked as he looked over at the Gamma, Mila tensing immediately because she did not want any of her wolves grabbing his attention. If something was to happen to her, what would happen to the wolves who had offended Terrence? “We wouldn’t want others to think that I treat you specially because of your position as my mate, now would we?” Mila spoke up. Terrence eyes were back on her, and the smirk on cruel scarred face just deepened, his cold grey eyes had no depth in them, no emotions in them. “Who is going to question me?” He challenged, to which Mila just let out a yawn that infuriated the Alpha and the whole of Red River warriors. “Can we do this some other time?” She asked, unfazed by the tension. After all, she was in her land and she was the Alpha, the life and soul of this place. No one could intimidate her in her own nest. She turned to her Beta and Gamma. “Guide them to the resort, won’t you?” Western Wind owned a Ski resort, which produced half of the revenue to the pack, and it was ten minutes away from the duelling ground. It was the perfect place to house them. “Alright then.” The Red Alpha said, turning back to his wolves. “We will rest for a few hours and then take over this pack.” He said arrogantly as his warriors cheered. Mila shook her head, asking her wolves to keep quiet and not react as she got back onto her bike. She didn’t know who was going to win the duel. But she knew that she was not going to give up until the last breath left her body. . . . ________________________
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