Equals: Human And Beast

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I want to let you know that this book is no longer available. I am deeply grateful to everyone who has read and supported my work.

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'Is it right this time too?' Standing in front of a well-known advertising company in Colombo and looking at the big building, Nuraya thought that this was her seventeenth interview. She wondered if she would be asked a lot of questions about her hands this time too. Nuraya finally took a deep breath as she squeezed her black gloved hands together. Nuraya Sulochana Peiris is her full name. Finally, she entered the building as she tightened the strap of her handbag. She felt like everyone in the building was looking at her and smiling kindly. She felt a lot of good feelings about this institution. "I have come for the interview," Nuraya said in a soft voice to the beautiful officer at the reception counter. She entertained Nuraya with a smile and told her to go to the second floor. So Nurayat slowly went up to the elevator while taking a deep breath. Nuraya realized that most of the people in the elevator were people who had come for this interview. However, even if I looked around to get rid of the amazing restlessness in my mind, it made my mind not only more anxious but full of fear. At that time, a very beautiful young woman dressed in a sari met Nuraya's eyes in the elevator. 'Dead! If a saree came from the bed, it would be ok!! But then... I don't like that. And with these gloves?' Nuraya talked to herself, but looked at her hands again and again. 'Hmm.. there is nothing to do.. you can't come wearing a sari and gloves.. you are ugly. And then the gloves will be highlighted too much' Nuraya said to herself as she finally thought that the way she came was good. But she knows that if she wears a saree, she will get more opportunities in an interview. Finally, after taking a good breath, Nuraya put down the coat of her office suit, tidied it up and got down from the elevator. All over the second floor were applicants who had come to appear for the interview. Nuraya was staring at the applicants who were sitting in the rows of seats with her astonished eyes and at the applicants who were walking here and there due to their nervousness from time to time. "Ah.. I thought there was more than this," a voice heard behind her, Nuraya looked behind her. It was the young woman dressed in a saree. She still had a smile on her face. "How? I am Samadhi" when she introduced herself, Nurayat also introduced herself by her name. After that, both of them went and sat in the two seats that were next to each other. "It's just like the general hospital here.. a lot of people" came out of Nuraya's lips like that, Samadhi's lips spontaneously smiled. Nuraya was even more surprised by Samadhi's answer, "I thought it was bigger than this." Although this is the first time she has come for an interview at such a famous company, as this is her seventeenth interview, Nuraya came from home with her mind set. But how can you calm down when there are so many people here? Nuraya looked at her watch from time to time wondering when she would call. 'If the stomach ache that occurs when you are too scared also happens at this time, it will work.' When Nuraya had one absurd idea in her mind, she covered her face with her hand. "What happened to the hand?" That was the first call she received today about her hands. She looked at Samadhi with a smile on her lips. Even if he told a lie that "it was a small accident", Nuraya used to tell that lie every day because it was a lie that would not bother anyone. A lot of time was spent in that way with the beautiful stories of Nuraya and Samadhi. Nuraya spoke from the heart. She always is. She did not forget to talk from the heart with every person she met in her life. But because of that, the suffering that has to be experienced is also the same. Finally, after another hour or two, that opportunity came. "Nuraya Peiris! Next you" said a young woman in a rather loud voice and quickly left, telling Nuraya to follow her. Nuraya, who bowed her head in meditation, quickly followed the girl. Nuraya's curly hair, which was pulled up and put in a pony tail, swayed to a rhythm as she walked. She had felt that the interview was less important, if not more 'posh' than the interviews she had appeared on. However, she was able to correctly answer all the questions asked of her. But finally.. she got to hear the question she was waiting for. "Miss Nuraya, why are you wearing those gloves?" When she was asked that question, she shuddered, thinking that this road and this job were over. "This is.. this is.. there was a small accident.. that's why..." Those lips that gave the answer without hesitating for so long finally started to answer with a slight smile while squeezing their black gloves. "Do you always wear that?" She got the same question again. "Yes sir.., I told the doc that if I don't wear this, my hands can get infected." Again a lie..! Lies one after the other.. But if she told the truth, she knew very well that she would never get this job. "Well Miss Nuraya, we will inform you in the future" with that voice she understood what will be informed in the future. Nuraya quickly came out of the hall, making a mental note that she had to go to another interview soon. "All the best Samadhi, the job will be given to you straight away. The girl is beautiful..and wearing a sari..." Nuraya joked to her new friend shaking her hand. "I'll go then.. I have some work to do" Nuraya said and quickly said goodbye to Samadhi because she felt that she really wanted to be alone. Nuraya got into the elevator from the second floor and went into a rather long thought. She knows she will never find a job wearing gloves like this. Because most people don't look at it that well. But Nuraya knows very well how difficult it is not to wear gloves. Because she was not allowed to wear gloves at school when she was going to school. With Nuraya's powerful thought, Bata walked ahead of her from the elevator, looking back once more. No matter how much she dreamed of working in this company, now all those dreams are shattered. Now, there is no point in thinking about it. Looking forward again, she tried to walk forward, but suddenly someone bumped into her body unexpectedly. Not only that, the cold coffee in his hand spilled all over her white shirt, and he was on top of her body. Nuraya's eyes widened like eggs because of the sudden panic. His eyes, like hers, were staring at her in wonder. As everyone around them stared at the two of them, the young man quickly left her body and stood up with his eyes still troubled. Nuraya was still looking at him as he fell on the ground, quite shocked by what had happened. And she saw an old man next to them. Dressed in a black suit, he crossed his arms and tapped the ground with one leg as he looked at the young man with a slightly annoyed look. Because he understood that look, the young man quickly extended his hand towards Nuraya while helping her to stand up. Nurayat grabbed that hand and got up soon with the pain he felt. 'The set of bones is broken.. What kind of plantain did this man fall on my body?' She shot a disdainful look at the young man, a bit angry at the way he hit her. While her shirt was stuck to her body, soaked by his cold cup of coffee, Nuraya quickly removed the shirt that was stuck to her body with some discomfort. "I told you to watch the road and walk. Where are you on the phone 24 hours a day?!" Nuraya's attention was drawn to that slightly older man. Nuraya couldn't even for a moment think that the man who looked quite important was an ordinary person because everyone around him was looking at him with a lot of respect mixed with fear. He was swearing at the young man who hit Nuraya. "Are you okay kids?" When the older man turned to Nuraya and asked her that, she was afraid that if she didn't shake her head, she too would have to listen to the scolding. A look of disappointment came over his face. "r****h!!!" The young man received that warning. "Okay, okay..." the young man said to the older man. The young man apologized to Nuraya for the "sorry thing that happened", but he did so, although not with much desire. But the old man's intensely sharp eyes did not change. That's why the young man quickly took off the coat he was wearing and gave it to Nuraya in a very polite manner. "I'm sorry for what my stupid son did" Nuraya could not think of anything while looking at these two people, the older man quickly apologized to him. Everyone around was surprised to see this happening. They could not imagine that such things could happen. "Oh... it doesn't matter.. this... this is not that much" Nuraya was actually quite uncomfortable because of this incident. Still, she didn't want to see this old man apologizing to her. "Besides, the work I came for is now over. So it doesn't matter, uncle." Nuraya said that once again, because it seemed that the person's heart was not that good. 'Mid cola... it was called uncle, right? Over!! This must be someone who is in a big post. Nuraya scolded herself for her stupid work. As soon as he heard the words 'Uncle', the older man looked at Nuraya in surprise. From the surprise in that look, Nuraya understood that saying 'Uncle' was a national mistake. "Don't you know me, girl?" When the man asked again, Nuraya was shocked. Nuraya looked at the man and at his young son whom she introduced as r****h, unable to think of what to say. 'The terrible incident... Is this someone I know? No.., no.., then.. who is this? An actor too? Oh man.. I can't imagine who this is...' Nuraya looked at that face once again but couldn't imagine who it was. "A.. sorry.. S'.., is S' a famous person? I don't know... sorry really..." Nuraya finally said that because there was nothing else to say. 'People around here are paying so much attention to this event because this person is famous?' Nuraya thought so. When Nuraya looked at the old man again, he was looking at her very kindly. "Daughter, you come with me.. I will pay for what happened to your dress" said the person and ordered Nuraya to come behind him. 'Pay? For this? This is not worth that much..' Nuraya wanted to say that but it was not that polite so she kept her mouth shut. "But this..., the work I came here is done... I can go like this.." Even though Nuraya said that, the older man was not kind enough to listen to that voice. He continued walking forward without even stopping to look back. But while waving his hand to Nuraya to come behind him. Nuraya also looked at the young man named r****h who was standing next to her, although she couldn't figure out what to do, he also walked past her, ignoring her. Nuraya, who looked around again, finally realized that it was not so good to refuse that request, and after a short run, she approached the two of them. The two of them were waiting for the elevator near the entrance of the elevator. She also waited with them until the door opened. As soon as the door opened, Nuraya didn't see two or three people coming out of the old man, looking at the old man with respect and bowing their heads a little, and leaving.. But she was still waiting for him to introduce himself. Finally, when the older man and his son or r****h and Nurayat got into the elevator, the older man, like r****h, looked at her in surprise. But Nuraya was not in a position to understand that surprise. She was wiping the cold coffee on her shirt with his expensive black coat that r****h had given her. As for how attentively she did that act, she did not see r****h and his father looking face to face. "Sit down," said the slightly older man, pointing to the chair in front of him. Nuraya could not imagine what was happening. After taking the elevator, they came to the seventh floor. That means the top floor of the building. And this old man and the young man invited her to the cabin of the most powerful person in the entire building. Nuraya looked at both of them in surprise as soon as she saw the clear 'CEO' letters displayed on the entrance. But the two men who didn't pay attention to even one of her surprised looks went inside the cabin while waving to her to come inside. Nuraya looked around in surprise and entered the cabin behind them while squeezing the strap of her handbag. "Now tell me... are you here for today's interview?" As the old man sat comfortably in the main seat of the cabin asked this, Nuraya's eyes traveled around him and around his desk, scanning him with lightning speed. Meanwhile, she saw the letters that she had searched for so long under her mind. When 'Sagara Wijesinghe - CEO of the 'Kaizer Advertising'' was waving at the front end of his desk, Nuraya's eyes looked at him in surprise. r****h was sitting on the seat next to Nuraya, a soft smile appeared on her lips, as if she understood the predicament that had happened to her at this time. "Me.. I.. Sir.. I.. Me.. Ah.. Yes.. I came for the interview, sir..." Mr. Sagara's face also smiled when Nuraya stammered. "Uncle, sir soon," he said with a smile. r****h looked at his father, seeing the beauty of that smile that had been born on his face long ago. 'What's the matter? Who knows that he is the CEO? He also called him uncle. Hio. As far as I know, the boss of this company is not a very kind person. It would have been great if Uncle Gaga had said that too.' Nuraya looked forward while thinking about what to do now while being a bit happy that her mouth stopped. "So.. do you think you will get the job now?" Once again Mr. Sagara asked because of the happiness he felt while talking to her. "No.. Sir... I don't think so.." Nuraya's mouth suddenly said that without thinking. "What's that, eh? I thought that this fool was a confident person as he spoke when he was drinking coffee." Mr. Sagara called r****h a fool, but he didn't show it and kept it inside. "Ah... no.. these.. sir.. because of these hands of mine.. I won't get a job" Nuraya said while showing her black gloved hands. It was at that moment that the attention of the other two in the cabin was drawn to it. "Why, what happened to the hands?" This time the question came from r****h. "Ah.. this.. there was a small accident a long time ago sir.. so.. I have to wear these.. or the doctor said that I might get an infection" Nuraya played the same old disc again. "An infection??" r****h asked in a soft voice, but Nuraya soon started talking. "No sir.. don't be afraid.. it's not dangerous.. I'll be fine if I keep wearing these" Nuraya said and quickly dispelled the fear of both of them. "Okay.. So.., I have been talking for so long, but I didn't say the name." When Mr. Sagara said that again, Nuraya spoke with a soft smile. "My name is Nuraya Sulochana Peiris sir." She said like a child who had memorized the full name. When "Sulo..." came out of r****h's lips like that, Nuraya and Mr. Sagara looked at him with sharp eyes. r****h, who was startled by both of them looking at him, quickly shook his head in his hands and said nothing. "Ah... Shall I pay for that dress?" Mr. Sagara asked while picking up his wallet and pulling out a fifty-fifty note. "Oh no, sir.. this is not worth that much. It was bought in a sale last year. It doesn't have that many. It goes well with Rinzo" Nuraya kept saying that while looking at the coffee stain on his shirt again. Now, the dampness had subsided somewhat with the help of the air conditioner's solid cold. Looking at it, Nuraya remembered that she spoke very casually as usual. She looked at Mr. Sagata and r****h with a slightly embarrassed face while they looked at her with a soft smile. "Ah.. I'll go then, sir.." finally came out of his lips because he didn't want to be inconvenienced by staying here any longer. As soon as she was allowed, she quickly left the cabin and greeted them both. 'Why did you leave?' Nuraya took a deep breath and thought that after coming out of the cabin door. She quickly walked towards the elevator at the corner of the corridor with the feeling that she needed to leave this building as soon as possible. She quickly pressed the switch to bring the elevator down as she saw that it was on a lower floor. "Sulo........." She suddenly heard a voice behind her and looked behind her with curiosity as to who was calling her by this name. 'My least favorite part of my name is 'Slochana!' At that time, ``Sulo'' is something I can't even see.'' Standing behind her was none other than r****h. r****h Hasaranda Wijesinghe. She looked at him questioningly, wondering why he had come to her. Even looking at him, she felt a bit uncomfortable. The way he had fallen on her body before was once again visible to her as she felt a great shame in her heart. "I didn't give you my coat to take home..." He snapped her out of her thoughts. As he said that with a handsome smile drawn between his lips, her eyes widened like eggshells as she remembered that she had indeed not given him his coat. She folded it and waved it very carefully in her hand. "Oh.. sorry sir.. I forgot.. I.. was going to give it.." She quickly said that and took his coat in her hand and held it towards him very carefully. "It doesn't matter.. you didn't take it home.. I would be angry if you took it home" he smiled and said that, she couldn't help but smile. "Thanks for giving it back to me instead of taking it home," he said again as he pointed to the coat in his hand. She quickly nodded to accept his thanks. At the same time, the door of the elevator opened, drawing both of their attention to it. She nodded and told him that this was the time for her to go. He nodded and signaled her to say 'okay'. "Be careful not to bump into anyone again," he said as she entered the elevator and closed the door. She didn't have enough time to answer, so she only smiled and blushed. The elevator stopped at a few more floors and started moving again and Samadhi boarded the elevator on the second floor. "Samadhi..." came out of Nuraya's lips happily. "I thought you went.. Did you go eat something?" Samadhi asked without allowing Nuraya to answer. On the one hand, that's good. Otherwise she will also have to tell all the embarrassing incidents that happened to her a while ago. That's what Nuraya thought. "I thought you had finished the interview," Nuraya asked as it was actually Samadhi's turn after her. "No, please, where to go.. Here the CEO's son has hit a girl. So the whole building is talking about it. They forgot their work after hearing about that incident" when Samadhi said that, Nuraya looked at her in surprise. How can you say that the girl who crashed is her? That's why she quickly pressed her coat to her body and covered the coffee marks on her shirt. "Besides, Nuraya is a big deal... That girl went in the same elevator with the CEO and her son." When Samadhi said that part, Nuraya didn't understand much. "You mean in the same elevator? What's wrong with that?" she asked curiously. "Why, don't you know the many famous rumors about the CEO here. He is strict. Besides, he rides the elevator alone most of the time. He doesn't like anyone to ride the elevator with him. Even with his son, he sometimes doesn't ride the elevator together. Almost everyone says that he thinks that it is damaging to his honor," Nuraya's eyes went up when Samadhi said that. 'Okay, okay, I'm not going to get this job anyway. Now those hopes are gone.' Nuraya did not think that what she had done was that serious. But as Samadhi says now, it is an extremely dangerous oversight. "I don't know about the CEO.. but his son is very handsome.. Damn, I had to hit him" Samadhi said those words so that only Nuraya could hear. Nuraya greeted what she said with a soft smile, but her heart was burning like hell while remembering all the mistakes made today. First the CEO's son was hit. Then uncle said to the CEO. After that went with him in the same elevator. Next I wiped the coffee off my son's coat. Talked to that man normally. The son's coat is also taken home with more dings. Lots of mistakes! It's like getting the job! After Nuraya got into the elevator, r****h re-entered his father's office with his coat in his hand. He realized that he would not be able to wear it again today, when he saw Nuraya wiping Kofi Kaha with it while coming from the elevator. "That boy is very cute, isn't he, r****h?" He knows very well that his father rarely talks about another person like that, but only with those he really admires. That is why he looked at his father with his sharp eyes. "Hmm.." was his reply. "I remembered Uresha. My girl used to do mischief like you all the time" when Mr. Sagara said that again, r****h was looking at those eyes full of his smile and tears while observing them carefully.

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